The Woman On The Moon Essay examples

The Woman On The Moon Essay examples

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The Woman On The Moon

As I look up in the night sky,
It fills me with curiosity.
Every night I wonder,
About this mysterious world.
What is she doing up there?
Why is she left all alone?
Is it a punishment or a blessing?
The woman sits alone just beyond the light of the moon.
She is there all alone.
Far away from friends and family.
Far away from war and strife.
The rocket ships can 't reach her.
She sits quietly on the dark side of the moon.
She is the moon 's miracle.
A child who once disappeared from earth.
I only see her at midnight.
She seems to be weeping all alone.
I can hear her singing at twilight.
A song filled with joy and cheer.
She sings about the beauty of the earth,
The family she once knew,
The life she once lived.
How did she get there?
Who is she?
Where did she come from?
How can I meet her?
I want to bring her back here.
But, she is way out of my reach.
The birds can 't lend me their wings to fly.
How can I get up there?
With every passing night the glimpse of her silhouette faded.
In the twilight her song became a whisper.
Until one day I couldn 't see or hear he...

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