Essay on The Woman Of American Eagle Jeans

Essay on The Woman Of American Eagle Jeans

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Today, many people have the feeling of being trapped in their daily lives. They want to wander and explore what the world has to offer. The more and more magazines they page through, the more they feel they are not living the live they should be. They want to be like the models and movie stars in the ads they read. Although, many women think they want to be free, maybe it is just a false hope. This ad encourages women to buy American Eagle jeans by promoting a sense of freedom to wander; however, the overcast skies and fearful expression on the actress give off a feeling that wandering too far can leave her lost and alone—which preys on women’s anxieties of being alone and suggests that wandering too far from societal expectations could have adverse consequences.
The main focus of this ad is a women standing in a field wearing American Eagle jeans. The women has a natural look going on. Her jeans do not have a lot of fancy detail to them and her Native American like jacket adds to her natural look. Her hair is also down and unkempt which adds to her natural look, giving the viewer the impression she is almost a part of nature. The field she is standing in adds to the effect of being in the open and free. Next, I noticed her facial expression and it gave a different impression; she looks scared. Having the thought of being scared, the overcast sky pops out and support the impression of being lost. As a viewer observes the ad closer, they recognize she has wandered too far and now does not know where she should be going. The thought of being free seems awe-inspiring, but this ad portrays that wandering too far can be troublesome.
The fragments used in this ad are declarative. “Won’t bag out and never loses its shape” declares the ...

... middle of paper ...

...ext in the ad may not always be true either. Saying the jeans never lose their shape may be true, but a women’s body changes and the jeans may not fit tightly every time. Never lose its shape is also similar in the belief women should not lose their traditional gender roles. Traditionally, men are the ones to guide women, not women guiding themselves because they will not make it. Women should be at home, doing housework, not going out to find work which could possibly place them higher on the economic scale than men. People reading Cosmopolitan see all the glitz and glam and believe that is how life should be, but this ad opposes the idea of being independent. Women should be housewives, not wanting to explore and be supermodels. The ad sticks out telling women to wander, but in reality it is saying it will not work because women are unable to survive on their own.

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