The Woman I Have Ever Seen Essay

The Woman I Have Ever Seen Essay

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Number One

There she is in the nursing station, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I am down a long, dark hallway taking care of a patient, but my mind and eyes are focused on her. She has my full attention as she moves around the well-lit office filling papers and adding appointments to the calendar, it’s not what she is doing that intrigues me, it’s the way she is moving about. Almost like a choreographed dance. It’s weird everything around her is fuzzy and out of focus, it is only her I can see clearly. I’m starting to feel a little bit like a creepy fellow sitting here watching her, and thinking these thoughts. But she cannot see me, and hasn’t given any indication that she would try to. Soon the shift will be over, and I will be left with only my thoughts and images of her until tomorrow. I haven’t been working here at the hospital very long, so I don’t know much about her, and I have certainly not gotten up enough nerve to talk to her. I do not see a wedding ring on her finger so there is a small chance that I could get a date with her. Okay who am I kidding, there is no way in hell someone like her would ever be with someone like me. She is way out of my league. She must have a boyfriend or even two, probably a rock star or model. She is too amazing to be lonely. There has to be someone in her life treating her like a queen.
I snap back to reality, and finish my work for the day. The staff heads out together after shift change, we kind of jam up trying to get out the door. I am right behind her, I feel myself doing it, and I scream inside my head STOP!! But it is too late, I am smelling her hair. I am standing behind an unsuspecting woman sniffing her hair. That’s serial killer kind of...

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...esponse from her was a big smile and sometimes a wink. And on occasion a blown kiss. But she had not yet shown or told me about her true feelings.
It was a Friday, and she was going away for the weekend with some friends. We held each other tightly neither of us wanting to let go. It’s sad, it’s only a weekend, but it is tearing us up. It’s perfect that it is getting ready to rain, the sky is dark and gloomy, much like our hearts feel. Maybe the rain will come and mask the tears I feel filling up in my eyes. We realize that we are only staling from the inevitable. It’s time for her to go. I walk her to her car, and as she pulls away I give her the sign, number one. I scream the words in my head “I LOVE YOU”. She stops her car in front of me. She sits for a moment smiling at me, then holds up her hand and raises two fingers............

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