Essay on The Wizardry And Witchcraft Of The Harry Potter

Essay on The Wizardry And Witchcraft Of The Harry Potter

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The wizardry and witchcraft of the Harry Potter series is precisely what makes them so enchanting in the eyes’ of J.K. Rowling’s readers. The other worldly aspects provide both children and adults with an escape from the real world through its text, allowing for a break from reality without any repercussions or extreme measures necessary. In the eyes of renowned astronomer and scholar Marcia Montenegro, however, this other worldly theme in Harry Potter is what makes the books dangerous to its readers and those around them in society. Rather than believing that the elements of witchcraft are harmless, Montenegro firmly believes that Harry Potter opens the eyes of its readers to the horrors of the occult and the dark elements of sorcery. The danger of sorcery, according to Montenegro, is rooted in its underlying definition. “Sorcery is nothing less than the attempt to replace God, since it is one’s will that is primary in practicing sorcery” (Montenegro). Although she does not argue that Harry Potter is a poor excuse for a children’s novel, giving her graces in agreeing that it holds good storytelling elements, her belief of the occult and its implications in the story leave her unsettled with the books’ wide scale presence in today’s society. Acknowledging J.K. Rowling’s creative genius in the construction of Harry Potter, Montenegro writes that “however clever or imaginative the stories are, they do center on a character who is learning the arts of sorcery and witchcraft” (Montenegro). While the common understanding of this instruction of wizardry is seen as Harry maturing into a strong individual capable of battling the struggles of his past, many argue that Harry’s education in witchcraft could lead to the desire for children to...

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...wever, shows the importance of going against dark magic while simultaneously showing the strength and maturity of Harry Potter’s character. It took seven nearly 400-word books to defeat Lord Voldemort, and each book presented Harry Potter with a difficult task that forced him to grow in order to overcome. The fantasy world that Harry Potter presents both its young and aged audience with allows for a stress-free, magical break from whatever it is that is bothering them. It is important to understand the science fiction of Harry Potter and see that it is these very fictional aspects that makes it so heavily praised in today’s society. While witchcraft and wizardry are taught, practiced, and praised in the Harry Potter novels, so are elements that allow for a reader’s internal growth and personal therapy that are all easily accessed from the comfort of their own homes.

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