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After I received a note from Alexis, my best friend in all of the Spiral, I hurried over to Zeke's house. I knocked on the door, not sure what to expect. Zeke's voice came from behind the door "Com' on in ye". As I entered the room, murmuring a "Thanks", I realized that this had to be something of importance. Not only Alexis came over for a visit, the room was packed with people. I noticed the grand statue of Blackrock behind everyone else. I had never met him other than in some practice fights before. "We are all glad to see you" I heard Cyrus Drake address me. The wooden construct hiding behind him, was a little nervous. I felt everyone staring at me and got a little uncomfortable. "Not to worry, we are glad you could make it here so fast. There is an issue at hand we need to discuss and you were the last person missing to do so" said Milo Barker. "Oh really?" was all I could say. "Yes indeed, allow me to elaborate. We all came to together this night to witness something of wonder.” said Sherlock Bones stepping towards me. "Well there is really no time to elaborate" Cyrus Drake interrupted him. I glanced around at everyone, and I started to worry. All their serious faces stared back at me. "I want to know what this is about" I said showing my worries "I have never been called to such a meeting and to be honest with you all, I would rather you call someone else." Professor Greyrose came slowly flying at me "Now don’t you get scared, young lady. Come over here to this obsidian chest and you will start to understand" The Ianthine Spectre helped her to open the chest. "See now, here is a very valuable mandrake root" Professor Greyrose handed it over to me. "It is of upmost importance that this root makes it safely to Gretta Darkkett...

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...and flew through the lines, I started to smile. "Young wizard, you know by now why we needed your help hatching this very special Ice Wyvern. As a thank you and because I know you will take very good care of it, I decided you will be the one to raise it. I left a bottle with a special ice milk mixture at Zeke's house for you to feed to the young Wyvern. Head over there to celebrate your success and congratulations on successfully hatching the first of its kind. Merle Ambrose"

Needless to say we went back over to Zeke's and celebrated and I showed off that very hungry new baby of mine. With the timing not standing still for us, I decided it was time to leave. The Ice Wyvern needed his sleep and my eyes just didn’t want to stay open any longer. After saying my goodbyes and heading through the door I heard Dr. Purreau’s voice in the back “… might just make a centaur”

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