With His Love for Technology, Steve Jobs Changed the World Essay

With His Love for Technology, Steve Jobs Changed the World Essay

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With his unique love for technology, Steve Jobs changed the world with his revolutionary innovations, developments, and extremely successful companies. He made communication faster, people’s lives easier, and invented many famous products. Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California (Ed. Sheila Dow and Jaime E. Noce). Throughout his high school career, Jobs loved electronics. He was constantly wiring the house with speakers or building frequency counters with his Hewlett-Packard Explorers Club, a group of students who met weekly to learn about what HP was working on. One day the club members took a trip to see firsthand at what HP was developing at the time. That was the day Jobs saw his very first desktop computer (Walter Isaacson 16-17).
During senior year in high school, Jobs signed up for an electronics class taught by John McCollum. While in the class in 1969, Jobs met a man named Steve Wozniak, a former graduate of McCollum’s class. Like Jobs, Wozniak was a huge electronics “geek” and the two instantly bonded (Romain Moisescot).
A few years later in 1971, Wozniak read an article on how some people were able to mimic a certain 2600 Hertz tone by using call-routing switches. This allowed a free, long-distance phone call. This illegal device was called a “Blue Box”. Wozniak immediately called Jobs and their enthusiasm for this interesting, unusual device evolved. The pair began to construct a digital version right away. At first, the two boys had fun pranking people with the Blue Box, but Jobs soon suggested they make a profit off of it. Jobs and Wozniak built about one hundred boxes and then sold them for around $150 each. This experience of building, marketing, and selling the boxes fores...

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...t cell phones. Then, in 2010 Jobs outdid himself by introducing the iPad. It was a perfect gadget for all gamers, geeks, or people who just wanted this amazing technology at their fingertips. The iPad had a significantly larger screen than the iPhone and was capable of holding more data.
On January 17, 2011, Jobs took a break due to medical issues but still managed to release the new iPad 2 in March. Jobs then resigned as CEO in August. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away of a pancreatic tumor and respiratory arrest (Romain Moisescot).
Overall, Steve Jobs was a great inventor. He changed the world with his many technological advances and the opening of his now world-famous company, Apple. He showed great determination, skill, and knowledge throughout all of his undertakings. Steve Jobs will never be forgotten and his inventions still live on today.

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