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Witches And A Hen 's Egg Essay

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Witches and a Hen’s Egg
Mass hysteria; a common term used to describe a situation in which various people suffer from an overwhelming madness (Mass Hysteria). To help further explain mass hysteria, The Crucible, Written by Arthur Miller is based off of the Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch Trials was an event that took place in a small village called Salem in Massachusetts. A group of girls was caught dancing in the woods around a fire and were accused of being witches. In order to save themselves, they began accusing innocent people throughout the town of being witches and a mass hysteria broke out (Miller). The Crucible is not the only example of mass hysteria, The Prophet Hen of Leeds also further expresses it. The Prophet Hen of Leeds is an event where a hen hatched an egg with the words, “Christ is Coming,” printed on it and the townspeople thought doomsday was in the near future.The mass hysteria of the hen’s egg and doomsday is very similar to the mass hysteria of the people of Salem being accused of witchcraft.
During the time of the Salem Witch trials, the government system in Salem was based off of the religion of the village, christianity, which expresses the need for the people of Salem to attend church regularly, have the ability to recite the ten commandments, and pray everyday, (Salem’s Most).In the period of The Prophet Hen of Leeds, the people who witnessed the egg with the words, “Christ is coming,” thought that doomsday was near. The people then began to excessively pray and attend church in hopes that they would become holy and pure enough to avoid doomsday. The obligation to pray and attend church is very similar in both schemes of hysteria because both groups of people believed that religion and faith is a...

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...ria is a true. People believed that doomsday was coming in Leeds, and people believed that there friends and family could actually be witches. All because of people who used fear to make other people believe something they believe in.
The Prophet Hen of Leeds and the Salem Witch Trials connect in many ways. The mass hysteria of both is very similar. Although some may argue that they are different because lives were lost in Salem and no lives were lost in Leeds, they are still very similar for many other reasons. Those reasons being both having a connection to religion, and having people from both examples of hysteria that have almost identical rolls in the hysteria. The Prophet Hen of Leeds and The Salem Witch Trials are both good example of a common term used to describe a situation in which various people suffer from an overwhelming madness (Mass Hysteria).

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