Essay The Witch 's Husband By Judith Ortiz Cofer

Essay The Witch 's Husband By Judith Ortiz Cofer

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Judith Ortiz Cofer takes a unusual approach to writing the double narrative, "The Witch 's Husband". A variety of themes could be drawn from this unique story within a story. A couple that struck a deep resounding chord in this mysteriously thought provoking tale are unconditional love and the carefully hidden family secrets within. Can someone really love you, no matter what conditions may arise? Can a family permanently keep things hidden from each other? And if so, at what cost? The well-standing granddaughter of a woman gets swept up in a tale her grandmother strategically unfolds as she struggles in an attempt to convey a message from the rest of the family. Unconditional love ends up testing the people involved, and family secrets buried so deep in the past resurface in an unsuspecting conclusion.

+SummeryOfTheGMa250: Bearing the burden of being the figuratively appointed spokesperson of a family, a well educated woman is sent to convince her grandmother that due to her own debilitating heart condition, she should no longer bear the responsibility as caretaker for her demented aged husband. This would allow for other members of the family to finally share the responsibly of caring for her while placing her husband in a nursing home. Her grandmother was well known for being a hard-working and self-sacrificing woman, not only looking after her own large famly, but taking on the burdens of others in her neighborhood. This left the granddaughter feeling that she, like many Puerto Rican women, had taken on the so called 'martyr complex ', where the life is measured only by how much suffering and sacrifice she has gone through. This was upsetting to her. Her grandmother 's entire life had been devoted to others, saving for a ti...

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...gations. That year, her granmother explained, she lived. Really lived. So the question the granddaughter next asked, was what had made her come back. The answer brings tears to her eyes as her grandmother explains it was because she loved her husband and missed her children, and discovered a newfound appreciation for the sacrifice her grandfather had made to give an entire year of complete freedom to his wife, never knowing if she would return. Then she whispers softly to her granddaughter, "and in time, the husband either began forgetting that he had seen her turn into a witch, or believed that he had just dreamed it." When she did return, it was with a promise; never to leave again unless he asked. And of course he never did, nor did he ever ask what her any questions about her year away. That was why she was going to take care of him entil one of them was no more.

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