Essay on Windshield Survey Of Vincennes, Indiana

Essay on Windshield Survey Of Vincennes, Indiana

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Windshield Survey of Vincennes, Indiana
I chose the city of Vincennes, Indiana for my survey because it is a good community in which to live and work. During my life, I have lived in both small rural towns, and large metropolitan cities. Although both have positive and negative attributes, a city the size of Vincennes provides the best of both options. Violent crime and poverty are common to larger cities, while smaller towns sometimes lack important resources. Families who want a safe city with adequate services will often choose a smaller city. Vincennes provides a safe and stable community with ample opportunity for employment, recreation, and services.
Community of Interest
When driving or walking around Vincennes, it is apparent that there is a wide mix of housing available. Many neighborhoods within the city limits, especially in what is considered the old town district, have at least one or two run down houses on each block. However, this may be due to the high number of student rental houses in close proximity to Vincennes University. As one moves out from the city center, the housing situation changes to single family homes and more middle class neighborhoods. The city has implemented several neighborhood cleanup programs over the last few years and especially along the Second Street corridor. Evidence of this is visible in much new construction and renovation of existing buildings. Vincennes offers many apartment complexes for senior citizens, students, families, and income based options in addition to town houses and free standing homes for rent and for sale. The city contains three city parks, a dog park, nature reserve area, and a golf course. Natural boundaries of the community are the Brevort levy and the Waba...

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...licts, accessibility, and cost, (Jaffe 2012).
All in all, Vincennes is a good place to live and work due to the available activities, parks, opportunities for recreation, ample groceries, religious houses, schools, and health options. The city is making improvements in the downtown district and these improvements will hopefully continue to spread out into the outer city areas. Ample housing and affordable cost of living make Vincennes a desirable location especially for those who want a small town location with ample services. Vincennes is a clean, relatively safe small city. The addition of more services for migrant workers, and inpatient drug treatment facilities, would help to close the gaps in services that I noted on my survey. I will continue to live and work here in Vincennes because of all the places I have lived in my life, it feels like home.

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