Windows Or Linux For Small Company Essays

Windows Or Linux For Small Company Essays

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Operating System Concepts
Research Paper
Windows or Linux for Small Company

Muhammad H Khan

Table of Contents

• Introduction
• History of Windows
• History of Linux
• Availability of Software
• Minimum Requirements to run the OS
• Security
• User friendly

Linux and windows operating systems are software with programs and information needed to run and monitor the computer programs. An operating system is one of the most important computer programs which a computer cannot run without them. Even though they are both important for computer programs, Linux and windows are two different operating systems and they have different features which basically differentiates them.

History of Microsoft Windows
In the 1970s, people use to rely on typewriters. A copy of the document was made using a mimeograph or carbon paper. Few have heard of microcomputers, but two young computer enthusiasts, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, see that personal computing is a path to the future. In 1975, Gates and Allen form a partnership called Microsoft. Like most start-ups, Microsoft begins small, but had a huge vision, a computer on every desktop and in every home. In few years, Microsoft begins to change the ways we work. In June 1980, Gates and Allen hire Gates’ former Harvard classmate Steve Ballmer to help run the company. The next month, IBM approaches Microsoft about a project code-named "Chess." In response, Microsoft focuses on a new operating system—the software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and also serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs, such as a word processor. It’s the foundation on which computer programs can run. They name their new operating system "MS DOS."

History o...

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...d recommend the company to use windows since windows hold the major share market of operating systems. Linux being a free operating system has an advantage but Microsoft windows is more user friendly. However, Linux is not a complete operating system it’s just a kernel and requires additional sets of software to be bundled with. Linux by default does not run as a root (the Windows administrator equivalent) this ensures that any automated program or script cannot make changes to the system without explicit privileges from the user.

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