Window Washer Murder: The Death of Marilyn Sheppard Essay

Window Washer Murder: The Death of Marilyn Sheppard Essay

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Nothing is clear cut whether it is a murder or a trial. There is emanating possibilities of who committed the crime, and what the reasoning was behind this horrific, world renowned murder. This life changing event occurred in the morning of July 4th 1954. The night before the murder nothing seemed out of place in the Sheppard family. Sam and Marilyn were cuddled up together, Marilyn sitting on Sam's lap my while having company over. The Sheppard family was very involved in their community and seemed to be the perfect family. After the company left Marilyn put her son to bed as she did every night, with the same rituals. That night Marilyn slept upstairs while Sam slept on the day bed downstairs. After everyone was asleep, that was the last of this perfect family. The murderer positioned Marilyn as if a position of sexual assault and after DNA testing it was confirmed. Marilyn Sheppard was raped and also bludgeoned to death. Two sets of semen were found inside this pregnant women. Her Skull was fractured, and suffered from several blows to the head. Looking at possible suspects, one individual sticks out from all the rest, Richard Eberling.
According to Terry Gibert and Cynthia L. Cooper from the Plain Dealer, Richard Eberling was never questioned in 1954 about the murder; even the employees who worked for him were unquestioned. After Sam Sheppard had been in prison for five years, Eberling volunteered to Bay View Police that detectives that they potentially might have found his blood in the Sheppard's home. Which was coincidental was the fact that the murderer knew he was bleeding and he had bled throughout the house. His alibi for the blood was that it was from a few days before the murder, but the interesting twist on this w...

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...empted home invasion. The injuries sustained by Sam, were high unobtainable from self injury. The fact that Eberling admitted to bleeding in the home and also burglarizing, made him a subject of interest to this case. Eberling stole Marilyn's ring, and other various items. However, the most interesting twist to the murder was the fact that everyone believed Sam committed the murder even before investigation. While, nobody ever suspected Eberling till years later even he had a strong affiliation to the family . Looking at all of this evidence, Richard Eberling stuck out and was the prime suspect. Everything in the case led to Eberling, he committed the murder, but his reasoning will never be known.

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