Wind Turbines : The Best Source Of Energy Essay

Wind Turbines : The Best Source Of Energy Essay

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Wind Turbines: The Best Source of Energy
“As early as 2000 B.C. we have been getting energy from the wind. China and Persia were the first countries to use windmills.” (Interesting Wind Energy Facts) In 5000 B.C. people used wind energy to move boats along the Nile River. While that was happening in Egypt, in the Middle East people were using windmills extensively in food production. In 6000 B.C., China used windmills to pump water. After China started that most countries realized that was a very efficient way and did too. Wind energy keeps becoming more frequent throughout the world. By the 1800’s we, America, started using wind energy. We used windmills to pump water along the western frontier. “In America in the late 1800’s, steel blades were made for windmills to make them more efficient. Six million windmills had been put up across the US.” (History of Wind Energy) In 1920, the first wind turbine was produced and it did the same thing as the windmills except it did more than just pump water. The wind turbines used the wind and made electricity from it. Although there has been much criticism surrounding the use of wind power energy, this paper will demonstrate that the benefits of using wind energy far out way the disadvantages. Some of the benefits are that it’s a domestic source of energy, its cost effective, it’s a clean fuel source, and it creates lots of jobs.
A windmill is a machine that the wind moves and by the wind moving it pumps water or grinds grain or it can generate electricity. In the past, it was mostly created to grind grains and pump water. Modern wind turbines primarily generate electricity.
Wind is a form of solar energy. “Wind is cause by heating on the atmosphere on the earth by the sun and the rotatio...

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...lenge that we have faced with wind turbines is practical, but we have had so many good and positive things that outweigh the challenges.
Now that we know the cheaper and the more efficient way of getting our energy, we are able to take everything I said into consideration and look more into wind energy and wind turbines. The kind of energy that has employed over 73,000 of people and that is saving a lot of money because it’s a domestic source of energy. It’s up to us, the people here on earth, to change the world and to get more energy from a wind turbine. If we don’t start to change the way we get our energy then we will run out of fossil fuels. Do we want to change the world for the better and the cheaper way or do we want to just sit back and let the more expensive way take over and let people make energy by using fossil fuels and nuclear energy? It is up to us.

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