Wind Power: Giving Back to the Environment Essay

Wind Power: Giving Back to the Environment Essay

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The western plains of North Dakota have recently experienced a boom of a great magnitude. The oil industry has found great success from fracking in the region. This Fracking is producing considerable amounts of oil and natural gas. Although the region has seen great wealth from these fossil fuels we need to remember that they are pumping great amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere which is essentially destroying our environment. Taking care of our environment has come to the forefront of the power industry lately. Many power companies are looking for alternative forms of energy that don’t harm our environment. In addition, great controversy has been generated about fracking and its effects on the environment. With the negative publicity being generated by the use of fossil fuels and the Fracking used to obtain them; North Dakotans need to show that they are a leader in environmental conservation. This is why the residents who live around here need to take advantage of the next boom. “The wind power boom.”
As a power company you will need to highlight that, living in North Dakota, we know that the wind is an almost constant factor, let’s take advantage of our most natural of natural resources, the wind. By using the model of Samso, Denmark as explained by Elizabeth Kolbert in “The Island in the Wind” the people of North Dakota can show the rest of the country that they are a leader in “Renewable Green Energy” (Behrens & Rosen, 2013). Samso, Denmark has a lot of the same qualities as western North Dakota: it has rolling hills and a pretty much constant wind source which makes windmills an ideal source of power. The western North Dakota region of the country is sparsely populated by mainly farmers and ranchers, just like S...

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...hese huge turbines are not all that efficient, are unsightly, take up huge amounts of land and can be linked to the killing of wildlife; we need to be able to combat arguments against and highlight the positives about wind farms. Because there will always be questiona about other sources of power, this company needs to be ready to highlight how fosssil fuels are damaging the enviorment, and how other sources or alternitive powers are not condusive to out geographical location. It needs to be highlighted that this project is a great opportunity for this company and the residents of this region invest in the future and take to take steps in protecting the enviorment while takeing advantage of the next big boom. “The wind boom.”

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