Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source Essay

Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source Essay

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Wind Power as an Alternate Energy Source
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The United States' main source of energy is currently fossil fuels. However, we know
that fossil fuel supply continues to deplete and sooner or later, the United States will need to resort to a new source of energy. This report hopes to explore the advantages and
disadvantages of wind power using model regions. These regions have experience in
using wind power, which may help us determine whether or not it is a suitable source of
energy when fossil fuels are completely drained. From examining Denmark and other
places benefiting from this clean and unlimited source of wind power, we believe that the
United States possesses enough wind, money, and other resources to use wind power as a
main future source of energy.

Wind is air with kinetic energy. It is formed at different positions on the Earth's
surface. Warm air heated up by the sun expands and rises while cool air moves in to take
its place creating winds. Wind is a renewable energy, which is means that as long as the
sun is still shining, wind will remain. The use of windmills to slow down the speed of
wind can generate electricity. The wind flowing through the blade causes lift; which in
turn, makes the blades rotate. These blades are attached to a drive shaft, which is
connected to an electric generator that creates electricity. See figure 1.
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Fig 1(Wind Energy-Energy from Moving Air, 2005)

Scientists say that there are many possible sites for windmills and that 37 states are
capable of generating electricity through wind power (Wind Energy?Energy from
Moving Air, 2005). An average wi...

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