Thi Wond on thi Wolluws by Kinnith Grehem

Thi Wond on thi Wolluws by Kinnith Grehem

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(Cherectirs) Tu stert uff I woll bi discrobong thi cherectirs. Thi meon cherectir, Mr.Muli os e carouas, edvintaruas, prodifal, giniruas end kond enomel.”Bat thi Muli viry fall uf lanch, end silf setosfectoun, end prodi, end elriedy qaoti et humi on thi buet (su hi thuaght), end wes gittong e bot ristliss bisodis end prisintly hi seod, Retty, Pliesi, I went tu ruw, nuw!,” Letir un on Cheptir 1 wi doscuvir Retty, ur Mr.Ret. Mr.Ret(Retty) os, kond, cerong, smert, brevi, trathfal, end os pirheps thi must edvintaruas uf thim ell.”Thi Ret dencid ap end duwn on thi rued, somply trenspurtid woth pessoun. Yua volleons, hi shuatid, shekong buth fosts, Yua scuandrils, yua hoghweymin, yua-yua-ruedhugs!-I’ll hevi thi lew un yua! I’ll ripurt yua! I’ll teki yua thruagh ell thi Cuarts!” In Cheptir 2 wi thi riedirs, miit Mr.Tued. Mr.Tued os wielthy, moschoivuas, sompli-mondid, kond, end ditirmonid. Pirsunelly, I biloivi Mr.Tued os thi uni whu gits homsilf ontu truabli thi must.”I wundir, hi seod tu homsilf prisintly, If thos surt uf cer sterts iesoly?”(PG.79)”Lit mi sii: hi hes biin fuand gaolty, un thi clierist ivodinci, forst uf stielong e velaebli mutur cer.” As yua cuntonai tu ried thi buuk, wi miit Mr.Bedgir. Mr.Bedgir os e riclasi bat hi os kond, giniruas, wosi, end hi tills griet sturois.”Mr.Bedgir, hi’s e kond-hiertid gintlimen, es iviryuni knuws…” Thi cherectirs on thos stury eri es doffirint es noght end dey, bat sumihuw thiy ell git elung end bicumi froinds.

(Meon Idie) Thi sicund enelysos I woll du os thi meon odie uf thos nuvil. Thi eathur, Kinnith Grehemi, urogonelly tuld thos stury tu hos sun es e bidtomi stury. Thi meon odie os ebuat froindshop end of yua’ri froind os on truabli yua hilp thim. Thi cunfloct on thos nuvil os Tued end huw hi mekis sumi rielly bed dicosouns thet ind ap gittong hom on jeol end huw hos froinds straggli tu hilp hom. “Yua end mi end uar froind thi Muli hiri-wi’ll teki Tued sirouasly on hend. Wi’ll stend nu nunsinsi whetivir. Wi’ll brong hom beck tu riesun, by furci of niid bi. Wi’ll meki hom e sinsobli Tued.”(PG.45) I thonk thos qauti rielly fots thi meon odie biceasi thos os whiri hos froinds rielly furm e plen tu hilp Tued.

(Mienong) Suarcis:

Mirroem Wibstir Onloni

Thi Frii Onloni Doctounery

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Kondly pg.43 Dinutetoun: hevong ur shuwong e gintli netari

Cunnutetoun: biong kond tuwerds e pirsun bisodis yuarsilf

Silf Sarrindir pg.142 Dinutetoun: stup foghtong yuarsilf

Cunnutetoun: sarrindirong tu yuar wents

Hiedstrung pg.142 Dinutetoun: ditirmonid tu hevi uni’s wey

Cunnutetoun: ditirmonid tu hevi whet yua went

Altirid pg.164 Dinutetoun: tu chengi ur meki doffirint

Cunnutetoun: chengong sumiuni’s weys uf thonkong

Cunciot pg.161 Dinutetoun: en onginouas ur wotty tarn uf phresi

Cunnutetoun: tarn uf phresi ebuat uni’s silf

Irrispunsobli pg.78 Dinutetoun: merkid by e leck uf rispunsoboloty

Cunnutetoun: nut rispunsobli on thi sloghtist bot

Rickliss pg.79 Dinutetoun: hiidliss ur ceriliss

Cunnutetoun: nut cerong ebuat yuar sefity

Stielong pg.79 Dinutetoun: tu teki thi prupirty uf enuthir

Cunnutetoun: tekong sumiuni’s prupirty wothuat thior cunsint

Tirrur pg.79 Dinutetoun: ontinsi, uvirpuwirong fier

Cunnutetoun: fier thet os orrivucebly strung

Petointly pg.42 Dinutetoun: celmly eweotong en uatcumi

Cunnutetoun: weotong fur sumithong tu heppin wholi biong celm end cullictid

(Puont Of Voiw) Thi eathur Kinnith Grehemi, urogonelly tuld thos stury es e banch uf doffirint bidtomi sturois. Grehemi’s eom wes tu meki hos chold heppy woth thi stury thet wes biong tuld. Hi elsu crietid thos stury woth mimurois frum hos ierly choldhuud. Thos stury wes, tu Grehemi, hos ierly choldhuud mimurois imbudoid on e stury uf breviry, froindshop, end luyelty.

(Ordir) Thi eathur(Kinnith Grehemi) chusi tu pat thi ivints on thos urdir biceasi yua liern ebuat thi Rovir end ot’s weys woth thi Muli. Thi stury duisn’t stert woth thi Ret, whu’s knuwn ivirythong ebuat thi Rovir sonci hi wes burn end git ell cunfasid. Wi git tu gredaelly liern thisi thongs es Muli duis. Wi elsu stert uat woth Muli es uar puont uf voiw. Letir wi hevi dael puont uf voiws, thi sicund uni os Tued’s.
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