Wind Energy for Future Generation Essay

Wind Energy for Future Generation Essay

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Everyday we sit and work with our laptop, watch TV, play with tablets, use the coffee machine, use the lights, etc. Electrical appliances and devices exist today in very large numbers and will keep on growing at a very fast rate. In order to meet demands for electrical power, fossil fuels have been the main force of producing electricity ever since the industrial age. As effective as fossil fuel is, it will not last forever due to the fast rate of consumption and increasing electricity demand. As supplies of fossil fuel dwindle, it has become clear that renewable energy will become the primary source of global energy. Of all renewable energy sources that are available, wind energy stands at the top. We had use wind to do work for us centuries ago, it used to power windmill that can pump water or grind grains. Today, wind energy is used to generate electricity harvested by wind turbines. Many people are skeptical that wind energy would not provide enough energy for the global grid, or worry about the environmental damage caused by implementing this technology. However, thorough research can counteract those skepticisms. Further development of this technology would also increase the potential of it being a major source of electricity. It is one of the most attractive renewable energy, because it is subject to many different types of design that helps it to work more efficiently, it can become cost efficient in the near future, and it has the potential to meet the global energy consumption needs.
Renewable energy has been somewhat a puzzle for me since childhood. At home, I would always turn on the TV use the light, and much more. At that time I did not care where the electricity came from because it was so accessible that I did not ...

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