Wind and Solar Power: The Alternatives to a Carbon-Based Society Essay

Wind and Solar Power: The Alternatives to a Carbon-Based Society Essay

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Carbon has represented itself as a chemical element that not only is the fuel for photosynthesis and material in which humans are made of, but also a component in the fuel that is bought and burned today. Due to the carbon-based fuel system that humans have implemented into society, carbon - especially fossil fuels - has developed into a primary natural resource that is used today. While the fuel system presents itself as being an accessible and cheap resource, the carbon-based fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas has generated impacts to not only the environment, but the cultural services as well. The demand for oil is projected to steadily increase at an average rate of 1.6% annually as more developing countries begin implementing carbon-based fuel systems (International Energy Agency, 2009). With the demand increasing for a less sustainable and stable resource, societies must begin implementing renewable solutions to ensure future energy demands can be met.
Demand for Energy
The time between World War II and the 1970’s experienced an increase in the demand for energy. This is due to several developing events and post time war recovery such as the rebuilding of Japan and large parts of Europe because of the destruction of World War II. The United States also began to create more industrial jobs for the returning wartime soldiers to prevent economic uncertainty. The oil industry in the United States also began to be exploited to create more jobs and promote economic growth. Civilian transportation also began to expand as interstate highway systems were created and the standard of living increased resulting in the ownership of automobiles to increase per capita. After World War II the Baby Boom event occurred cr...

... middle of paper ... sector, organization would ideally focus on specific and long-term sustainability goals not only to relocate specific resources to particular environmental improvement sectors, but also eliminate more harmful environmental issues quicker such as fossil fuel consumption, waste management, and concentrations of pollutants. The social portion relates to the overall security of societies to improve quality of life, health, education, and poverty levels. If the social aspects begin to improve, larger portions of the society may become more environmentally conscious and more apt to conserve and apply the triple bottom line to improve sustainability efforts domestically and abroad. The triple bottom line is applied to various organizations such as business, nonprofits, and government agencies in an effort to improve the society and the sustainability of the environment.

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