Essay on Win Forever: Always Compete

Essay on Win Forever: Always Compete

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Win Forever: Always Compete
As a young aspiring college basketball coach, I always get asked why I want to coach basketball, especially college basketball. Through my coaching career and continued education of the game and the mental side of basketball and all sports, I have developed a philosophy I truly believe in. Pete Carroll in his “Win Forever” book talks about how he started to develop his philosophy and it has to do with Abraham Maslow’s theory on hierarchy of needs (Carroll and Roth, 2010, p. 19). Carroll states, “What I learned about Maslow’s insights challenged me to start asking: What if my job as a coach isn’t so much to force or coerce performance as it is to create situations where players develop the confidence to set their talents free and pursue their potential to its full extent? What if my job as a coach is really to prove to these kids how good they already are, how good they could possibly become, and that they are truly capable of high-level performance” (Carroll & Roth, 2010, p. 20). Carroll’s thoughts really challenged me as coach to truly carry these aspects over into my coaching career. As a staff at Marietta College, we believe in the “Win Forever” Philosophy and all its aspects. Throughout this paper, I will demonstrate my continued finding in literature about the mental side of sport and how I carry that over into my everyday coaching philosophy.
What is Winning Forever?
According to Stanley Eitzen, “Coaches are important role models for their athletes. Many coaches take this responsibility seriously, insisting on fair play, respect for opponents, and humane treatment of their athletes. Others cheat” (2006, p 69). Through the “Win Forever” processes coaches are showing their kids, in a structured a...

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...hy will help them value what the program is all about. If you shy away from your rules or standards then the athletes will also do. Coaches need to be an example of what the philosophy and standards are, so student athletes follow.

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