Willy 's Dreams For His Sons Essay

Willy 's Dreams For His Sons Essay

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As a father, Willy only wants the best for his sons. He wants his sons to do better than what he has done with his life and achieve more success. Willy 's dreams for his sons are a source of tension and anxiety for Biff and Happy. Their desire to please their father clashes with what is deemed moral and the right way to act. Willy 's dreams for his sons are seen as added pressure for them to succeed within life. In order to fulfill their father 's wishes, they develop a mindset that they must do whatever it takes for them to succeed. Happy is trying to move up the ranks within the company he works for and in order to please Willy, he acts as if the only way to advance is by neglecting any sort of boundaries. When Happy is discussing his competitiveness with Biff, he says, "I don 't know what gets into me, maybe I just have an overdeveloped sense of competition or something" (Miller 15). Happy 's sense of competition drives him to do things which he acknowledges are immoral, but he chooses not to listen to his conscience as he must make his father proud. The drive to conform to Willy 's ideals are present in Happy because he envies those in higher ranking than him and he feels he must do whatever it takes to surpass them. The need to surpass them, deals with Willy 's obsession about power. The more Happy advances, he will attain more power and eventually fulfill Willy 's goal of making a name for himself. "Happy 's need to be number one has another significance also, for he has never been the sole focus of his father 's attention, always a poor second to Biff" (Jacobson 253). With the amount of pressure Happy faces to meet expectations, he has to work even harder knowing that most of Willy 's attention is directed towards Biff. Sin...

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...ed them as a father and this creates the conflict. A father is meant to be a source of dependency for his children, but this is a portrayal of the reverse. Willy being dependent on the children is a testament to the fact that relationships are not to be taken for face value. The author takes the expected roles of the father and his children and reverses it to give the reader a look into the reality of the world. The dynamic between parents and children is more complicated than literature makes it seem. Families are plagued by mental illness, separation, and desperate attempts to be "perfect parents". The problem is there is no such thing as perfection and the strive to be such is what leads Willy to insanity and ultimately his death. In today 's world, society has to stop pressuring the mass to try to achieve perfection or everyone will be a modern day Willy.

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