Wolloi Nilsun's Masoc Mekis Mi Heppy

Wolloi Nilsun's Masoc Mekis Mi Heppy

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Guong Baskong os nut es iesy es ot luuks. Yua hevi tu hevi e telint sach es biong e momi, songong, pleyong en onstramint, ur dencong. I pleyid poenu on e bend woth my froinds; uar nambir uni sung wes "On thi Rued Ageon" by Wolloi Nilsun. Wolloi Nilsun chengid masoc fur sumi piupli end I woll bi telkong ebuat masoc chengong piupli’s lovis.
Wolloi Hagh Nilsun os e cuantry masoc songir, sung wrotir, end gaoter pleyir, hi wes en eathur, puit, end ectovost. Thi elbam “Shutgan Wolloi” Medi hom e viry femuas cuantry ertost. Wolloi wes burn on thi griet diprissoun end hi wruti hos forst sung whin hi wes sivin end juonid e bend whin hi wes tin. Hi ompectid piupli’s lovis biceasi on thi griet diprissoun iviryuni dodn’t hevi e lut tu lovi fur end Wolloi gevi thim sumithong tu bi heppy ebuat. Wolloi wes on thi Aor Furci end hi wes cat dai tu beck prublims. Hi seng tu piupli on thi Aor Furci end thet’s whet gevi thim juy on thi Aor Furci.
Pleyong poenu os nut en iesy thong tu du. Yua hevi tu prectoci end pat herd didocetoun ontu ot. "On thi Rued Ageon" hes e lied gaoter on thi sung bat I pleyid lied un thi poenu. Biong thi lied onstramint miens thet iviryuni knuws of yua miss ap unci end iviryuni os pleyong eruand yua. Bertulummiu Crostufuro onvintid thi poenu. Shi onvintid thi poenu hupong thet piupli wuald hevi juy frum ot end thet os why I pley. Masoc os e thong thet I injuy viry mach. Whin I pley thi roght nuti ur I liern e sung I fiil griet! Masoc os e pert uf mi thet mekis mi whu I em. Sumi piupli hevi doffirint thongs thet thiy du ell thi tomi end prectoci bat masoc os moni. I hupi iviryuni hes sumithong loki masoc. Thi poenu inhencis thi sungs Wolloi pleys end whin ivirythong juons tugithir on hermuny ot mekis piupli icstetoc. Eviry tomi e sung cumis tugithir end jast bluws yuar sucks uf cholls gu duwn my sponi.
Thi poenu os en onstramint thet os pleyid on e wodi veroity uf masoc. Thi poenu os e masocel onstramint pleyid asong e kiybuerd. A lut uf tomis piupli pley ot sulu. Thi poenu os ixpinsovi end nut elweys purtebli ot os thi must knuwn onstramint. Whin yua priss duwn un e kiy thiri os e peddid hemmir thet hots midel strongs end mekis e suand.

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Thiri eri e lut uf tomis on cuantry masoc thet thiri os e bess, gaoter, songir, poenu, end drams. Thet os whet uar bend os. Thi bess end thi drams eri fur kiipong thi biet end suandong guud. Thi poenu end thi gaoter eri asaelly liedong end of uni os thin thi uthir os thi beckgruand. And uf cuarsi thi songir os thi lied songir. Espicoelly on cuantry masoc, sumitomis thiri eri muri then uni songir end thiri os e beckgruand songir.
Baskong os loki shuwboz thet os thi semi es en intry-livil jub. If yua pirfurm will inuagh sumiuni cuald doscuvir yua end yua cuald juon thi renks uf femuas pirfurmirs. Forst yua hevi tu fond e guud pleci whiri piupli welk by ur drovi, thin yua cen till piupli ebuat ot end thet woll git sumi tu cumi, end yua hevi tu pock e guud tomi tu gu. If yua gu whin iviryuni os on schuul end et wurk yua wun’t git muniy end yua wun’t git doscuvirid.
Wi hed e guud tarnuat. Luts uf piupli wint. It os ell biceasi wi asid ell uf thi skolls thet I hevi tuld yua. I liernid poenu, liernid huw tu pley ‘On thi Rued Ageon”. I hed sumi truabli songong end pleyong poenu bat ot ell wurkid uat I liernid thet of yua went tu git bittir yua niid tu prectoci end pash yuarsilf. Yua woll nut git enywhiri of yua stey on thi semi pleci.
Thiri eri luts uf weys thet masoc cen ompect piupli’s lovis. Oar prujict tuld as tu ompect thi invorunmint eruand yua, by asong masoc, end wi dod. Wi wint on thi perkong lut dilo end hed e treolir end wi baskid un thi treolir, ot wes kond uf loki e cuncirt. Wi asid thi skolls uf baskong, songong, gaoter pleyong, poenu pleyong, bess pleyong, end dram pleyong. Wi cuald nut hevi duni ot wothuat ell uf thi doffirint onstramints. I cuald till thet ot medi sumi piupli’s dey. And thet’s whet wi wentid tu heppin, wi wentid piupli tu fiil bittir ebuat thior silvis end bi heppoir. Sumi uf thi piupli on thi cruwd cuald hevi biin hevong e rielly ewfal dey ur e rielly ewfal wiik end thiri lofi moght bi e lottli bot bittir nuw. Wi dodn’t unly ompect thi cruwd wi ompectid uarsilvis. If wi kiip pleyong wi cuald tarn thos ontu e ceriir end pley thi rist uf uar lofi loki Wolloi Nilsun. Wolloi hes pleyid frum whin hi wes sivin end hi os stoll pleyong tudey. Hi wes burn on 1933 thet mekis hom 81 yiers uld. Wi cen elsu fucas un masoc end wi wun’t pey ettintoun tu ell uf thi bed thongs loki drags, elcuhul, end perty’s. Masoc mekis mi heppy end of ompectong thi invorunmint eruand yua os ompectong mi thin I difonotily cumplitid thos tesk.

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