Essay on William Zinsser 's A Great Writing Starter For Anyone

Essay on William Zinsser 's A Great Writing Starter For Anyone

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If one day, someone ever decided to pick up a book to learn how to write, On Writing Well, by William Zinsser would most definitely be a wise choice. In this book, Zinsser basically gives the reader a manual on how to write effectively by giving the reader a set of techniques they should take into account. His book would without a doubt would be a good example of the effectiveness of how his writing tips are in use. Zinsser’s book is a great writing starter for anyone. Zinsser demonstrated his points and tries to convey his reader with examples his reading. Effectively, one can strongly argue that Zinsser clearly achieved his goal in communicating his point to the reader by, using many of his own tips; simplicity, words, and voice.
Simplicity is one of Zinsser’s many tips on effective and clutter-free writing they are two of his many principles that go hand in hand. By avoiding clutter you simplify your ideas. Throughout the entire book, one can catch on very easily with any of his points because he tries his best to simplify them. He strips down every sentence to make it less complicated, long, and tedious by substituting phrases like “due to the fact” and inserting simple words like “because” which still offer the same meanings. Clearly avoiding the need to extend the text but still getting his point across. He strongly claims, if you avoid clutter and try to maintain your simplicity, you can avoid sounding repetitive and still maintain the reader 's attention. He states, “Clutter is a disease of American writing,”(Zinsser 6). With simple statements like this he is clearly laying out a bigger message which he uses throughout the book. Zinsser shows examples of how one tends to inflate things to make them sound more important, ...

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... who he looked up too, and considers effortless writers such as, James Thunder, V.S Pritchett, and Lewis Thomas. Zinsser demonstrates sympathy with the reader showing them how he did this and it is fine if they do as well. Zinsser therefore claims, “Don’t worry that by imitating them you’ll lose your own identity. Soon enough you’ll shed those skins and become who you are suppose to become.”(Zinsser 236) One example of a “casual” writing piece he brings up is from a famed newsmagazine, full of cliches and dreary phases. When one reads this he explains, it is plainly predictable a predictable writer, a hack is not an interesting writer. When a reader encounters this he will know it and eventually lose interest in the reading. When stick to these dreary phrases and cliches it take away from your interest to want to read it, for the fact that you know what 's coming up.

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