William Wordsworth And Robert Frost Essay example

William Wordsworth And Robert Frost Essay example

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One of the functions of memories is that it can provide a valuable lesson. As Cesare Pavese quoted, the richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten. Such as this is the case for two poets William Wordsworth and Robert Frost. There are many similarities and differences between the poems by William Wordsworth and Robert Frost in the method through which they use nature as their poetic theme. It is clear that both of these poets consider memory as an important role in the exploration of the natural world. This is demonstrated in the way that the experiences they had, the emotions they felt, and the knowledge they gained from nature are kept in their memories and is demonstrated through the use of poetic language. However, Frost tends to see the wisdom beneath the transient nature of his childhood, whereas Wordsworth feels the transient nature of his life in a more spiritual way. The difference in the way that their childhood memories are viewed is demonstrated in the way that nature is represented in Wordworth’s Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey and Frost’s Birches. Many literary devices such as personification, imagery, and symbolism provides evidence as to how their childhood memories influence their perspectives of nature.
The connection between their present self and their childhood is represented by symbols used in the poems. Frost contemplates upon the idea of appearance versus reality through looking back at his childhood memories. His work shows a characteristics of recognition of the reality from the transience of happiness he experienced as a boy. To illustrate, a frost is used to symbolize the direct and physical relationship with nature when he was a boy. The poem describes the frost “turn many-color...

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... of the poets works differently to influence in shaping their characteristics and perspectives of life. Frost draws line against the realm of wonders of nature as he separates himself from the transcendence through nature to the reality of civil society he lives in. Wordsworth, on the other hand, actively involves himself with nature to experience the spiritual wellness from the nourishment of nature. In essence, similar memory can provide different impression to a mind. It depends on how a mind approaches to encounter the memory and how it is going to interpret memory to his/her personality. The function of memory is a journey to revisit their mind to take some time to have self-examination. Therefore, their exploration of their childhood memories develops their relationships with nature, and the spiritual transcendence from the association with the natural world.

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