William Woolf 's A Room Of One 's Own And By Sandra Cisneros 's The House On Mango Street

William Woolf 's A Room Of One 's Own And By Sandra Cisneros 's The House On Mango Street

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A woman is not a man, but she is just as capable, powerful, and smart. Miss Representation is a documentary that sheds light on how much the media really effects our view towards women. Virginia Woolf 's A Room of One 's Own and Sandra Cisneros 's The House on Mango Street have common themes and would support the documentary’s message. Woolf’s book examines how women in fiction are portrayed, and that inevitably influences TV and Film. Cisneros tells her story through a young girl Esperanza, and her journey to becoming a woman.
Adding these books to film with excerpts from the books and even the author’s commentary would be an incredible inclusion. The main theme from Woolf’s book, states that in order to have the freedom to write, you need A Room of One’s Own. However, she goes on to explain that women did not have their own room nor alone time and were questioned when they did. They were always kept busy with cooking and cleaning and leaving the man to do his work. This is why you see more novels than poetry by women because you can take frequent breaks from a writing a novel, since women were always interrupted. It is suspected poetry that was signed anonymous was written by a woman.
The House on Mango Street is a look into Esperanza’s life and the struggles of growing up and figuring out who you are. This book focuses on a girl’s mind, so fragile at a young age, and anything that happens now will greatly influence the way she views the world when she grows up. She looks at the older women in her life and does not want to become that. Esperanza longs to define herself as a person and be powerful and not depend on any man. She wants to break free from the nasty cycle of being an unhappy woman sitting by the window, prisoner...

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... United States, starring Geena Davis. I played Geena Davis’s daughter in the show, and at the time the press would ask me about how the groundbreaking concept affected me as a young girl. I understand the relevance so much more now, and especially with the current Presidential race.
I think the world is making great strides towards equality for women. However, with social media and the obsession surrounding reality stars, I feel as though it might be getting worse for the younger female generation. 13 year old girls look and dress like they’re in their 20’s because we live in a world where everyone is trying to be famous and sexualization is prominent. Millennial are consumed with getting the most social media followers and likes on their selfies, and no one wants to do the work. Not only am I concerned with the state of woman, but humanity seems to be at jeopardy.

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