Essay about William Sydney Porter 's The Gift Of The Magi

Essay about William Sydney Porter 's The Gift Of The Magi

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My author william sydney porter had a astonishing life changing experience while he was in prison. William Sydney Porter, later known as O. Henry wrote in a dry, but yet very humorous style as suggested in “The Gift of the Magi.” He generally used coincidences and many surprise endings. As a child he had a rough time working multiple jobs. He had a life changing experience that lead his work to be well known in american literature. His legacy all began from a crime he committed as a bank teller.

Born William Sydney Porter, Sydney was born September 11,1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina. This was where he spent most of his childhood. As a child, Porter did not receive any education until his aunt Lina started her own elementary school. His formal education was received at Lina Porter Elementary School. While in school, he developed a life-long love for books and literature as well was medicine and english.

While in school at the age of three-years old his mother died of pneumonia in her sleep. Razed by his mother 's death, Porter soon moved to a sheep- ranch in Southwest Texas. Porter lived with the family of Richard M. Hall(Notes UK 4). He lived with the Hall family till he was 20 years old. This was where Porter attained knowledge for ranch-life. He later uses his thoughts and insights in many of his short stories(Global notes Uk 3).

By 1884, he moved to Austin, Texas.This is where he got his forthcoming pen name O Henry. Porter then resigned a became a bank teller for the First National Bank in Austin, Texas. Porter was then accused of embezzling funds and was sentenced to five years in an Ohio Penitentiary. In prison he realized he was digging up his grave and decided to change his lifestyle.

While in prison, Porter bec...

... middle of paper ...

... foolishness.

In many of his stories Porter write outside the framework that is suggested in “The Trimmed Line.” He also liked to write with variety as the nether side of the world called it. Sydney liked to have some comedy in his short stories like suggested in “The Ransom of Red Chief.” This story is a humorous focus on the problems that two kidnappers have with their charge(Enotes 8). This is where it gets funny, he describes a red-hair version of Tom Sawyer with the same unflagging energy of mischief.

Porters misbehavior lead him to being a success by having two identities. His dry humorous style of writing made his work be well-known throughout Literature. I think fate gave him this opportunity. Because not every law breaking,alcoholic citizen will have his work passed on for generations to come. After all prison is a good place to change your life around!

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