William Shakespeare's Othello

William Shakespeare's Othello

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In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, the character Othello is portrayed as a fairly good man. By some, he may be known as a bad person but he has become greatly beneficial to the growth of Venice and the state of Cyprus. Othello is a good man even if he committed murder to his wife because he is a great war general and contributed to Cyprus in time of need.
While Othello murdered his wife Desdemona, he did it purely from misunderstanding and jealousy. Iago made Othello believe Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio even though she never did such actions. Iago’s persistence and villainous intentions made Othello become jealous of Cassio and break down his emotions towards Desdemona and want to kill her with fierce rage. Othello would not do such a crime if he have known it is was a
lie because Othello loves Desdemona and would die for her. Othello was madly in love with Desdemona and they were compassionate for each other but he was misguided and confused with jealousy and hatred which steered him off course to his sinister fate. Othello was cannot be justified as a bad person because of one incident especially after all the great things he’s done and achieved for the city states. Iago is the real antagonist and have become the bad man of the play as his roles are to protect the crown in which was Othello and stay loyal to fellow soldiers but throughout the play he was the complete opposite with characteristics such as being a liar, un loyal to every character in the play.
Othello is a good man but took the wrong path. He is well known in Venice even though he is a moor because of his irreplaceable honour. He is kind hearted towards most of the people he encounters because he believes in friendship.. This lead him to meet Desdemona and end up marrying her whom he showed passionate interest towards. Othello put his trust in people easily which shows that he is a very friendly character but he gave it to the wrong person, whom is Iago. He put his trust in Iago even though Iago’s intentions were purely to get him killed or arrested. Othello had honour and took account for all his foolish mistakes in which only some loyal soldiers may abide to. In the story he have shown these characteristics by killing himself after realizing the deathful mistakes he's done.

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Othello says, “I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss.”
This is an example of Othello taking responsibility for his actions and redeeming his true love for Desdemona. Othello is a good man because he is very humble towards everyone and is trustworthy. He took all responsibility and guilt for all his wrong doings even when it wasn’t entirely his fault.
Othello has experience and history fighting and protecting Venice. Othello is a brave soul with years of advanced training in service to the Venetian Republic. Since he is son to a Venetian senator he has grown up with the traits of being noble, trustworthy and having pride. He is a brute soldier which means he doesn’t really have love in life but when he fell in love with Desdemona he admired her and won her over by telling her his war experiences in which he showed most pride in. Othello was noble and the hero to the Venetian and Venice people which made Desdemona fall madly in love with him even more and portrayed him as a good man in the play. He is also a high status person since he is a war general and become respected as he is recommended by the city leaders of Venice, Cyprus, and the Venetian Republic.
In the play, the Duke and Senate of Venice refers to Othello as a “valiant” general, and Montano refers to him as “brave”.
Nonetheless, Othello is a good man that was lied to and misguided by the antagonist of the play, Iago. He was humble, valiant, brave, noble, passionate, responsible, and was the hero of most. He may have made a bad decision because of jealousy but he has done more good than bad which justifies that he was a good man.

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