Essay about William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1

Essay about William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1

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Great advice and guidance are expected to be given by older people. Many advice and great guidance on the other hand are given by unexpected person. Such great advice is sometimes disregarded due to who offered them. On the other hand when someone has to take up a responsibility all other things that may interfere with progress should be avoided. As it is said “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things” (King James Version Bible, 1 Cor. 13:11). In Henry IV, Part 1 by William Shakespeare, John Falstaff, a thief disregarded by many, was a friend of Hal. He was found mostly in taverns and whorehouses where he spend all of his money. Many disregard John because of his gluttonous attitude including Hal. This may have been why his advices were disregarded and later rejected by Hal. Great advice can be given to someone by those who appear to be unreliable, but eventually disregarded because of their title; however whatever needed to be done due to acquired responsibilities must be done no matter how hard it may be to complete. Similarly, Falstaff’s advice was disregarded by others including Hal, the Prince of Wales, but as the Prince of Wales he has to take up the full responsibility of a prince later King and disregard youthful and foolish acts.
In the play John Falstaff was a man who was very keen in observing his surroundings seeing many faults and the true intentions of the men he encounter; therefore giving him a great upper hand in helping Hal when king. Firstly, Falstaff have been very keen in observing Hal’s true plans of redeeming himself before taking the throne. In being so smart in knowing before hand of Hal’s intention, Falstaff...

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... threat to the downfall of Wales.
A great advice can be given but under disguise of an unexpected citizen, many viewed as unworthy to be around; however to achieve greatness many things that was a part of ones regular routine would have to be sacrificed. Therefore Hal made the right decision in rejecting Hal so that he may acquire the throne in good standing. On the other hand it may cost him great advice and insight on many thing, because Falstaff was very wise minded. One can learn from this play that to achieve greatness many sacrifices would have to be made. Additionally one can also learn to never disregard advice given by anyone because of their status or outer appearance.

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