William Shakespeare 's Writing And Performing A Play Essay

William Shakespeare 's Writing And Performing A Play Essay

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There are many complicated steps into writing and performing a play. These decisions also make for what type of play you want to perform. Tragedies, drama, or comedies are all plays that a writer can decide to write, depending upon what you as the director would want. Plays take quite a while to also put together. You have to find the right people to play the characters, and you can 't just have anyone play them they have to fit the character as well. All actors are different in how and what they will perform, no two actors can act out the same character the same exact way. All in the end you just want the people to have watched a play that they would want to come see again and again and never get tired of it. Shakespeare for instances has a way of writing plays that makes people want to see them preform again and again, without getting bored of them. Hamlet is a play that most people have this same feelings while watching or reading it. His way of having the main characters stand alone and speak all by themselves lets the audience feel what the character is feeling. Shakespeare also likes to have plays within plays to set the mood or give the play the overall meaning of it. Also I can 't forget Shakespeare loves to play with words. He will have his characters say something in the play that you think you know what they are saying but in the end it has a double meaning and it means something totally different. There are three things Shakespeare does structurally in his play of Hamlet: soliloquies, plays within plays, and word play.
The first structured thing Shakespeare does in the play Hamlet is have soliloquies throughout his play. Have you ever just went on a rant about something and you were all alone? Not wanting to tell anyo...

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... but when you add soliloquies, plays within plays, and word play you get a play that people want to watch or read over and over again. These little details spice the play up to be something marvelous in the end. Soliloquies lets the audience into the characters thought and feeling. Plays within plays let the audience predicted what will happen next in their minds. Word play lets the audience in on what they truly mean and not what the other actors think they mean. All of these things are important to the play Hamlet as you can see it wouldn’t be the same play without them. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet isn’t that in depth all it is, is a bunch of people talking. But by having these extra surprises in the play the audience cannot fall asleep, it keeps them on their toes the whole time. Do you think Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is structured the same? If not what is different?

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