Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' The Scarlet Letter '

Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' The Scarlet Letter '

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In today 's modernised world people are often times criticised for the way they dress, act and portray themselves. Similarly, this judgement has been going on since the early days of the Puritan Era. During this era, a popular novel called The Scarlet Letter takes place. In this novel, the main character, Hester Prynne, commits an act of adultery and is forced to wear the letter “A” upon her bosom. Like Hester Prynne, I was expected to wear a letter upon my chest for the purposes of this essay. I wore the letter “P” for the vice of procrastinator, which I felt like I was guilty of. By wearing this letter for an entire school day, I was able to feel the way Prynne felt on a much smaller scale. I was constantly looked down upon and questioned about the way I choose to portray myself. My experience was the complete opposite of Hester’s, as modernism played a major role in my case. *Insert thesis
During my experiment of wearing my “scarlet letter,” I was constantly looked upon as an outlier of today 's modern society. Throughout my experience with a “P” on my chest, I was questioned and given confused looks by my fellow peers. Along with me, many of my classmates were also required to wear a scarlet letter. Through this process of other also wearing their vices upon their chest, the pressure of my vice being exposed was greatly decreased. Throughout the duration that I had my vice exposed, I often times felt embarrassed and exposed. This was partly due to the fact the many other people did not have to wear such a thing upon their chest. Throughout this time, I had very few people actually ask about my letter. The letter was often times just ignored. In the case that people actually asked me about it, they were often times surpris...

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... of her afterlife destination, while mine was only a temporary vice. This lead the members of the Puritan society to look at Hester in disgrace and to react to her letter. Meanwhile, in today’s society people follow a variety of religions causing people to not judge others based on their own personal beliefs. So, in my experience of wearing the letter “A”, I was not verbally abused as Hester was, nor was my letter assumed to be tied to any religious activity.
As modernism has changed the way that we perform an everyday task, it has also affected our thoughts and actions. In today’s society, people immediately jump to conclusions and assume things. This was seen with my experience with my scarlet letter, as many people gave me looks that could be interpreted as confusing. This experience unlike Hester’s was more of a mental challenge rather than a verbal challenge.

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