William Shakespeare 's ' The New King Of Denmark ' Essay example

William Shakespeare 's ' The New King Of Denmark ' Essay example

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William Shakespeare wrote in a way in which he could create interesting characters that are complex whose inner selves differ from their outward appearance. William Shakespeare allows Hamlet to appear mad and insane, but he is actually using his madness to hide his intentions of seeking revenge for his father’s murder by King Claudius. Claudius has killed his own brother, taking his crown using deception, causing Hamlet to be driven mad by aiming to get revenge for what he had done to his father. Are the characters within this work the same both on the inside as they appear on the outside? Appearance versus reality is one of the more significant philosophies portrayed through Shakespeare’s work. The theme remains consistent throughout the tragedy and the characters are introduced through the play as being pure and honest, but in reality are evil throughout. What is actually real and what is appearance, or illusion? This question is filled with deception while Hamlet plots his revenge and King Claudius deceives those around him.
The new king of Denmark, Claudius allows us to analyze this theme of appearance versus reality. As many do not know the actual way elder Hamlet died, King Claudius acts as though he seems to care deeply about his brother and grieves over his death. Claudius feigns sadness over the loss of his brother when speaking to others, “and that it us befitted/ To bear our hearts in grief, and our whole kingdom/ To be contracted in one brow of woe” (Shakespeare I.2.2-4 ), but to the audience his lies are obvious. We know Claudius killed his brother to take the throne, and he doesn’t actually care nor grieve for his brother. His goal has been achieved, but he pretends he grieves along with his new wife and the ...

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...heir deaths. Hamlet 's love for Ophelia also has two sides that only he can see. As for Hamlet never listened to her, she knew that Hamlet had never loved her and she had loved him not: “You should not have believ’d me/ I lov’d you not.” (Shakespeare 3.1.117-118). After Ophelia’s death he had confessed his true love that he had for Ophelia and believe that not forty thousand men could love her as much as he had.
There have been many instances of different realities being hidden behind the outward appearence of the characters in Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. Claudius and Hamlet have a hidden side to themselves that only the reader can discover. This persistent theme allowed Shakespeare to keep the plot suspenseful and sometimes humorous by allowing the audience to know what each character thinks then see the opposite happen when the characters interact with one another.

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