William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 143 Essay

William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 143 Essay

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In the myriad mind Shakespeare, an innumerable amount of poems were written by this prolific writer. However, a forbidden collection of over 150 sonnets was never written for the public, as Shakespeare himself didn’t publish the works and never intended any of them to go beyond the few persons discussed within. Because of this, reading the many sonnets he created can give a reader a new perspective on the complicated inner workings of the mind of one of the most well-known writers ever. One poem of particularly interest is sonnet 143. The sonnet discusses a mother abandoning her child in pursuit of an escaped chicken, but below the surface far more is going on in this poem than previously thought, and it shows the complicated feelings Shakespeare had about the subjects of the poem. Shakespeare uses an extended metaphor, imagery, and diction to develop his complex attitude towards the subject.
In sonnet 143, the extended metaphor explains Shakespeare’s feelings of neglect in his love triangle. The extended metaphor refers to himself as a “neglected child”, the black lady as a “careful housewife” and the handsome youth as a “feathered creature”. Throughout the first 8 lines of the sonnet Shakespeare tells how the careful housewife sets the neglected child down in pursuit of the escaped feathered creature while the child cries for her to return. This metaphor has the effect of showing the relationship between the three characters in real life as Shakespeare sees it. Shakespeare attempts in these lines to make the dark lady see him as a much more important factor in her life than he handsome youth by comparing himself to her child and the youth to a chicken. While the freudian implications of Shakespeare seeing his mistress in a mot...

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...escribe the youth shows there is still the spiritual connection that Shakespeare developed in the sonnets 1-126. Although the poem may seem to be favoring the mistress over the handsome youth, the diction shows irritation towards the disloyalty to Shakespeare while the youth is looked as merely aloof and innocent.
Shakespeare shows how he feels neglected by both his mistress and the handsome youth through an extended metaphor, visual and auditory imagery, and precise diction. Through his use of these literary devices a reader can see how he feels the need for more attention and his true feelings about the dark lady and the handsome youth. Like many of Shakespeare’s sonnets, sonnet 143 can provide readers with an interesting glimpse into the complex thoughts of a very complex man. The sonnets can often reveal something not only about shakespeare, but about yourself.

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