William Shakespeare 's Reading Accuracy And Fluency Essays

William Shakespeare 's Reading Accuracy And Fluency Essays

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From the video, it was learned that William is a 2nd -grade boy who attends a school in Massachusetts. It was learned that William at first did not like to read and he was struggling to keep up when it came to reading. It was learned that William was a social boy, however, he would get frustrated because he wanted things to be perfect. At first, the teacher was able to notice that William would pretend to read the books, however when it came to the comprehension he would be stuck. William’s reading accuracy and fluency, develop over the year during guided reading because the teacher would have William read and then they would go over the words that he missed read and had a hard trouble with. For his independent reading, he was able to use the pictures from the book for context clues. And for shared reading, the students were able to work in groups and the students were able to assist one another if they needed the assisted. His perceptions of his reading abilities change over time because he enjoyed reading now and he was reading fluently at home as well. His mother mentioned that they would read almost every night at home and that with his perception of reading developed and now he loves to read. Something that William accomplished is that he learned how to self-correct his self when he was reading and this was a big deal. He self-corrected his self when the teacher would do assessments on him. And one of his biggest accomplishment in the 2nd grade so that he was able to comprehend the books that he was reading.
Classroom Environment:
When William first entered the 2nd grade he was not such a confident reader. From the video, it was learned that the teacher did guided reading groups and then check for the students understanding...

... middle of paper ...

...to improve his reading comprehension. From the video, another thing that I have learned that will help in my future practice is allowing my students to read books of their interest in the class. Having students read books that interest them helps them to become better readers. It helps them to become better readers because it helps students to become more engaged because they are reading something that interests them. And lastly, something that will help in my future practice is having parents involved in their children’s education. When parents are involved in a student’s education it really makes a difference. It makes a difference because it helps to enhance a student’s self- esteem. When students get more practice of things it helps them to become better. From this video is was learned that I want my future students to become comfortable when they are reading.

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