Essay on William Shakespeare 's Othello And Titus Andronicus

Essay on William Shakespeare 's Othello And Titus Andronicus

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There is something about Shakespeare that entices people to feel venomous towards his work. When reading or viewing adaptations of his work, the audience is compulsively drawn into the story. Especially in his early works, Shakespeare is blatant with violence, which is disturbing to the audience. Yet, the audience is entranced even more as they try to find out how Shakespeare creates his plays to be so tyrannical. Shakespeare is an effective playwright because of one simple fact: he is a tyrant. In plays like Othello and Titus Andronicus, by the control of all characters, Shakespeare uses racism and the treatment of women to entreat and entertain the audience through acts of tyranny until the hero and those with the purest of hearts are destroyed.
Shakespeare uses the racism shown towards Othello and Aaron to define tyranny. He writes the speech of almost all that show the Moors in a negative aspect. If it was not for the racism Shakespeare wrote towards them, the Moors might not have committed their violent acts. In Othello, the audience is introduced to a fantastic general who has just won a major battle and has received a commission to fight the Turks in Cyprus (Othello,1.2). Normally, a general of that many accolades would be highly regarded and would have the pick of any woman in Venice as his bride. However he is a Moor. This has society look down upon him and view him as brilliant, but inferior. Othello is referred to as “Barbary horse”, “lascivious Moor”, and “foul thief”. (Othello, 1.1.125/141, 1.2.80) What makes the description of these words so appalling is that they are uttered by Barabantio, who welcomed him like a son, and Iago, one of Othello’s most trusted advisors. Shakespeare allows these two characters to verba...

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... death and consummation of Chiron and Demetrius, Shakespeare has Titus kill Lavinia because he believes that her shame is too much to bear even though she may have gotten a satisfactory revenge. But in truth, Shakespeare had her disposed because she would be of no more use as Titus’s daughter or in the remaining plot of thee play.
Normally, people are horrified by evil plots, deaths and seemingly senseless violence. However, that is what ensures audiences into Shakespeare’s works. His tyrannical writing annihilates those with pure hearts, gives the traditional hero villain like qualities and, murders anyone who gets caught in the crossfire. By using racism toward the moors and a disregard of women in Othello and Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare brings the audience into a world when tyranny reigns and the innocent are slaughtered, all for the audience’s entertainment.

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