Essay on William Shakespeare 's Macbeth - Evil And Wicked Men

Essay on William Shakespeare 's Macbeth - Evil And Wicked Men

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In this passage, three examples of supernatural is given which turned Macbeth into the

evil and wicked men. A supernatural is “unexplainable by natural law or phenomena” which

were caused from the three witches who told Macbeth the future ( Macbeth

takes control of the future by making sure it will not occur but whether killing an individual or

sending servants. In act IV, Macbeth gets additional information about the future from the

apparitions who appear to be the witches. Macbeth experiences three supernatural the

apparitions, Banquo’s ghost and the floating dagger.

Macbeth has begun to see how difficult it is to be king, knowing Malcolm, Duncan’s son,

is returning back to Scotland. He is planning to fight Malcolm if it’s necessary because he will

not allow any individual to take his place. At the beginning of Act IV, the witches start to

compose a potion, it included a liver of a blaspheming Jew, dead witch’s stomach, and a person’s

nose from Turkey. The three witches began to talk about Macbeth’s evils has caused plenty of

deaths in Scotland. And Hecate is absurd about the prophecy the witches told Macbeth, who was

once a person loyal to his country. The witches are the cause of the supernatural, which causes

Macbeth to become anxious (“Macbeth”).

The first example in Act IV is when the first apparition who has an armed head warns

Macbeth to beware of Macduff which he had already thought would occur. The second

apparition is a bloody child says “The power of man, for none of woman born shall harm

Macbeth” which means there is no man that can harm him (Shakespeare, 63). When, Macbeth

hears the second apparition say that he regains confident and does not fear Macduff who he p...

... middle of paper ...

... become a depressing country. Macbeth is considered an easy target to manipulate

him, which has caused him to kill plenty of innocent individuals. God says, in Deuteronomy

17:7 "The hands of the witnesses must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of

all the people. You must purge the evil from among you." Macbeth has lost faith in believing that

killing Duncan and Banquo it would be easier it’s not because Macduff has betrayed him. Each

individual Macbeth had trust in has turned their backs on him and he kill them to hide the truth. I

also believe the truth will be told when Malcolm and Macduff come back to fight Macbeth to

reveal the truth. Macbeth will continue to suffer until he dies or tells the truth about each murder

he’s committed to be named throne and the only individual willing to help him is, Lady Macbeth,

his wife.

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