William Shakespeare 's King Henry Iv Part 1

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Fellow teaching colleagues, psychological studies have shown that first impressions take less than a tenth of a second for us to paint a mental image of a particular person, place or event. Taking this into consideration, it can be concluded that as long as one can control that tenth of a second, they are already manipulating our mental image. Hence therefore any representation that has being created with a sense of interpretation can be said as an act of manipulation.As we all know, the 2016 HSC Advanced English course, module C is currently the Representation of People and Politics. Just from the title, again we hear the word ‘representation’, and as I mentioned previously, any if not all representations, are acts of manipulation. The play ‘King Henry IV part 1’ by William Shakespeare, is one that has had countless remakes and interpretations throughout the ages, one of which is by the Royal Shakespeare Company. By closely examining the play and the reenactment by the Royal Shakespeare Company, we can see subtle changes or additions made to either add effect or simply to add depth. Either way it can be considered an act of manipulation, in which the composer is able to incite certain beliefs or emotions from the audience. Teaching colleagues, I believe we can break this up into three sections, the portrayal of characters, the political comments made within Act II Scene IV, and the creation of the play itself as a political movement to comment on society. I believe by breaking it up into these three key points, students are more likely to visualise the meaning of manipulation and hence deepen their understanding of module C. Shakespeare created the character to Falstaff to make political statement, as Falstaff embodies issues ... ... middle of paper ... ...he idea that Hal while fully understanding the consequences of this actions, is fully prepared and able to cast aside old friends for this political movement. Hence this is a powerful scene in which friendly banter turns solemn is an act of manipulation by the composer William Shakespeare to make a political statement about society. ‘All representations of people and politics are acts of manipulation’ a quote that rings true throughout the play of King Henry IV, whether that be Shakespeare himself manipulating audiences through his plays and its characters, or the interpretations manipulating audiences by changing small detail to add in their understanding of the politics behind the play. Overall it takes less than a tenth of a second to create a mental image in someone’s mind, done such by Shakespeare in all our minds. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.
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