William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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A wide array of differing perspectives reveals the influence of ideology on the interpretation

of events, personalities and situations. These individual perspectives manifest into different

behavior, this is evident within William Shakespeare’s drama ‘Julius Caesar’. Within the

drama many of the political interests are represented by the characters of Brutus and Antony,

which heavily influence Brutus’ decision to assassinate Caesar and Antony’s decision to

incite war. This is also apparent within Barry Wigmore’s feature article ‘The truth of Modern

Legend Che Guevara’ which represents conflicting viewpoints influenced by political

ideology over the execution of the communist leader Che Guevara.

An individual’s political ideology can influence ones perspective upon a personality.

Shakespeare establishes Brutus’ perspective that assassinating Caesar is the only way to save

Rome the perceived tyrannical rule of Caesar. Brutus’ patriotism towards Rome is a key facet

of the eventual inner conflict caused. Within Brutus’ soliloquy-a dramatic device to show

Brutus’ internal feelings surrounding Caesar- of Brutus, Brutus contests that Caesar upon the

‘ladder’ of power will ‘turn his back and scorn the base degrees’-suggesting Caesar will

become obsessed with the acquisition of power. Brutus metaphorically contests that Caesar is

an “adder…that craves wary walking” denoting Caesar as a dangerous, even venomous

tyrannical leader and suggest that Caesar with powers ambition will be the downfall of Rome.

Brutus likens Caesar to “a serpent 's egg which, hatched, would, as his kind, grow

mischievous, And kill him in the shell”, which perhaps suggest the fragility of Caesars

current reign and the impacts upo...

... middle of paper ...

...ll of Rome, alike to Brutus’ perception of Rome if

Caesars rule were to continue. Antony fulfills his own prophecy of ‘infants quartered with

the hands of war’ by starting the Battle Of Philippi which is a consequence of Antonys

perspective conflicting with Brutus’. Shakespeare’s representation of the contrasting funeral

orations of Brutus and Antony enhance their opposing perspectives, both are an attempt to

assert authority in their ideologies. Whilst Brutus stays upon the pulpit, Antony half way

through steps down to place himself on the Plebians level to appeal and attempt to change

their perspective against Brutus. This staging is highly influential upon the Plebians, who

change and supports Antony. Brutus’ powerful rhetoric is used to enhance his patriotism

along with rhetorical questions ‘who here is so vile that will not love his country”.

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