William Shakespeare 's Hamlet And The Passive Charisma Of Hamlet Essay

William Shakespeare 's Hamlet And The Passive Charisma Of Hamlet Essay

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William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet strikes many literary chords and themes. It primarily chronicles a quest for revenge, political intrigue and a slow descent into madness. Throughout the play, two men of different rank and intellect; Hamlet and Laertes are portrayed in this play as each other’s foils. Hamlet who has lost his father in the hands of his uncle and Laertes who has lost his father in the hands of Hamlet, seek out similar goals but in very distinct ways. Hamlet and Laertes both go through stages of their carving vengeance to finally fulfill their goals of killing their fathers’ murderers. The readers detect that Hamlet goes in the path of plotting and deceiving to kill Claudius whereas Laertes goes in a more haste and reckless path to kill his father’s killer. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the passive charisma of Hamlet and aggressive nature of Laertes contrasts the simplicity and conspiracy of the two but to determine one faith; death.
Fundamentally, after Hamlet was told the news of how his father died by the ghost, the initial stage of Hamlet’s journey begins. The ghost explains that his brother had killed him while he was sleeping in his orchard and is now damned in purgatory since he was not given the chance of confessing his sins. After Hamlet is asked by his father to seek revenge, Hamlet responds with “Haste me to know’t; that I, with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge” (1.5.29-30). Hamlet has foreshadowed on how slowly he will act on killing Claudius. He uses steady, tranquil words such as meditation and love to describe on how quick he will act, but admittedly Hamlet indicates how hesitant he will be in his revenge without realizing it. Contrasting to Hamlet’s ...

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... killing Claudius and sending him to hell whereas Laertes killed Hamlet but dropped his honor and forgave him, allowing his honor and reputation to be stained.
In conclusion, both characters plotting and approaches to revenge got them to one final destination: death. Hamlets passive attitude caused him a lot of difficulty throughout his mission. He questioned himself many times throughout the play, his mother, loved one and two other men died because of his over thinking and planning. In the end his life comes to an end as well. Laertes aggressive attitude ultimately caused his own death because he was so reckless to believe Claudius and to haste to kill Hamlet. Though he died from his own plan, Laertes didn’t cause himself so much grief, he didn’t have the burden of so many lives on his conscience. In the end both foils met a similar faith in the name of honor.

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