William Shakespeare 's Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Mary Reilly: Discussion Questions 1. How is Mary attracted to Dr. Jekyll? Mary and Dr. Jekyll are drawn together. Dr. Jekyll starts to like Mary because of her experience of the dark side of man and also with her father treating her bad. Dr. Jekyll asks Mary throughout the book if she liked or disliked her father for abusing her and not giving the love she wanted from family. She continues to struggle with this question throughout the book. Mary is totally devoted to Jekyll. She believes she has found the best employer possible, but she also worries at his ailing health as he continues his "work" in his laboratory and the influences Mr. Hyde seems to have over him. She worries about more and more often and reminds more and more of her father. 2. Why is Mary Reilly considered a parallel novel? Mary Reilly is a parallel novel because it is a retelling of the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It takes place during, the framework of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which can be from the same or another author. It is inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson 's novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr....

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