William Shakespeare 's An Age Of Stability Essay

William Shakespeare 's An Age Of Stability Essay

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William Shakespeare was born in an age of stability known as the Elizabethan Age. Under the rule of benevolent leader Queen Elizabeth I, the common people were happy and well-fed. “The impact of Shakespeare 's plays on the development of the English language can hardly be overestimated. Next to the translations of the Bible into English and the Book of Common Prayer, Shakespeare shares a unique place in the history of English. His influence over subsequent literature was similarly enormous.”(Shakespeare, William." Arts and Humanities).However, in the midst of her reign whispers of dissent spread throughout the villages and political upheaval was looming on the horizon.. Queen Elizabeth’s harsh religious laws (such as requiring the townsfolk to attend church services or else pay hefty fines) began to upset the laypeople. “Pastoral, a popular Renaissance literary genre, influenced a number of Shakespeare 's works. The pastoral genre depicts an idealized vision of a simpler, rural life and a longing for a lost world of innocence.”("Pastoral in Shakespeare 's Works." ). Shakespeare became a prominent voice to the townspeople as a leader and an intellectual. Through diction and figurative language William Shakespeare’s poem, “Carpe Diem” demonstrates the popular theme of the renaissance in the 1500’s that people should "seize the day", and that same theme is also shown today in Drake’s popular song “Motto”.
William Shakespeare was born in the year of 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon in England during late Renaissance. He grew up in a modest home where he helped his family earn a living. Shakespeare began to write as a young man, tucked away in his bedroom with his quill and scroll never stopping for a moment. At the young age of eighteen, Sh...

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... “Carpe Diem”.“The idea of YOLO is nothing new. Shakespeare once said, "I wasted time, and now doth time waste me." YOLO is not just an obnoxious catchphrase.”(Cipolla, Wes.). They both suggest and promotes the same way of living life. This life seems to be great, worryless, full of fun, love, passion and good moments. However, everyone knows if the life would be that easy and it 's only task would be to enjoy it, there would be just happy people with no problems all over the world. Sadly, we know that it doesn 't really work that way.
William Shakespeare was a successful poet, a playwright and an actor. He lived in the Elizabethan era. He use a lot of diction and figurative language “Carpe Diem” demonstrates the popular theme of the renaissance in the 1500’s that people should "seize the day", and that same theme is also shown today in Drake’s popular song “Motto”.

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