Essay about William Shakespeare 's A Good Soliloquy

Essay about William Shakespeare 's A Good Soliloquy

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According to the documentary Last Will and Testament, it was 1593 when Shakespeare’s name first appeared in print. Fast forward a few short hundred years and here we are in 2016, and we’re still discussing Shakespeare. Perhaps if he were here, he’d stand before us and give a nice soliloquy of what his inner thoughts about all this would be. We know Shakespeare loved a good soliloquy, and after all, how else were people watching a play able to know what characters were thinking? This man is arguably one of the most influential writers of all time. His works have been remade, revised, quoted, sang about, and studied. Having lived in England myself for six months I can say for a fact, without any research whatsoever, that Shakespeare is considered England’s national poet. That’s not a title given lightly, I would imagine. The most famous Bard, because clearly I don’t count, is a huge part of England’s culture, just as he is a huge part of ours. His works still have an effect on things you wouldn’t think about on your own. You’re just used to seeing them now.

Shakespeare has had an effect on the way we use language. For example, if you have ever heard the expression to be ‘in a pickle’, or perhaps you waited for something ‘with bated breath’, or even if someone had you go on ‘a wild goose chase,’ well then you have used some language from Shakespeare! Specifically The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, and Romeo and Juliet. The ‘green-eyed monster,’ which is always used to describe someone being jealous and I’m willing to bet everyone knows this, is from Othello (Anderson). Shakespeare even invented some words himself by mashing existing French and English words together or simply by altering them a bit (King). Journalists borrow a bit...

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... I feel the authors make some valid points, I am just sad that they are scrutinizing. The man died hundreds of years ago. You won’t kill him off from our history and culture. If you look at any idea from many angles, you can create doubt. This reminds me of conspiracy theorists who have to dispute practically everything. I also have to add that it is incredibly sad that, as with many artists, Shakespeare didn’t receive the recognition and awe that he so deserved until he was dead. That in itself, is a tragedy. Playwrights received no recognition at that time. However, Shakespeare will live on. There will always be a teacher that feels he is relevant if for no other reason than the emotions behind the works. Those emotions still happen today and will continue on indefinitely because all humans have them. Shakespeare teaches us about humanity. We shouldn’t let that die.

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