William Shakespeare As The Quintessential Renaissance Poet Essay example

William Shakespeare As The Quintessential Renaissance Poet Essay example

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In terms of discussing William Shakespeare as the quintessential Renaissance poet, the reader must understand that Renaissance is a loaded cultural term. During Shakespeare’s time, Renaissance was considered a positive evocation of representing a societal rebirth. However, social historians and modernists view the term in a more pejorative fashion. The question of whether Shakespeare’s work represents historical or trans-historical significance is open to debate. Perhaps the brilliance of Shakespeare occurs with the fact his works have endured and engendered so much dialogue. The popularity of Macbeth through the years exemplifies this fact. Arguably, it is due to the never ending duality of the fight between good and evil evoked in the drama. In many ways, Shakespeare flipped conventional notions on their head by purposing people exhibit their most selfish nature when they are trying to be selfless. As Macbeth states in In Act 1, scene 1, “I am settled, and bend up / Each corporal agent to this terrible feat. / Away and mock the time with the fairest show; / False face must hide what the false heart does know, (200).” Clearly, Shakespeare is indicating action does not equal virtue.
Shakespeare also utilizes the concept of allegory in Twelfth Night through the character of Malvolio. By leaving him out of the circle of discord, Shakespeare depicts the puritanical nature of Renaissance England. While Malvolio despises all that is fun, he is also emblematic of the concept of Concordia discourse. Dramatic resolution, however incomplete or complete, represents a function of decorum and eloquence. Not everything in life is funny, and humor may displace discomfort. Decorum, or decency, may be used by the author to fit style and conten...

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...ated sequence of 10 syllables, 1 stressed and 1 unstressed, he emphasizes in the beauty of language instead of the majesty. He establishes the flow of the sonnet in the first two stanzas: “No longer mourn for me when I am dead / Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell (547)”. Clearly, there is a deviation from the Italian model by beginning with the proclamation love is not ever lasting. Also, the sonnet has a far lyrical and rhythmic sound due to the ba Boom ba Boom ba Boom ba Boom ba Boom sequence of iambic pentameter. This affords the prose a more earthly tone than the Italian tradition. Finally, notice the Volta, “Lest the wise world should look into your moan / And mock you with after I am gone (547)”. This depicts a perfect between appeared reality, the Italian tradition, and the more conceivable and terrestrial concept of desire, Shakespeare’s version.

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