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William Seymour and the Pentecostal Movement Essays

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William Seymour and the Pentecostal Movement
Pentecostalism is considered one of the greatest universal movement that transformed immensely the history of Christianity. It emphasized a personal interaction with God facilitated by baptism of the individual by Holy Spirit (Alexander, 43). One of the proponents of Pentecostalism is William Seymour. He is regarded as the initiator of Pentecostal movement because of his fundamental teachings on the role of Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life (Heaton 35). Therefore, this research paper aims to describe the contributions of William Seymour to evolution of Pentecostalism. The guiding thesis is that Seymour orchestrated the Pentecostal movement that swept the nation all over the world, which later contributed to the creation of new religious denominations that shared common beliefs, practices, and customs.
Brief history of William Seymour
William Joseph Seymour was born in 1870 in Louisiana. He was the first African American preacher to induce the Pentecostal religious movement (Alexander 9). Seymour was a scholars at Novel Bible School, which was established in 1905 by Charles Parham in Texas (Espinosa 12). This was where Seymour learned and embraced major doctrines and teachings that were propagated by the Holiness Movement, the common belief of speaking in tongues (Glossolalia) (Heaton 13). According to the belief, speaking in tongues was observed as an actual confirmation and assurance of the gift of the Holy Spirit in a Christian.
Seymour later migrated to Los Angeles. He became a preacher in one of the mainstream churches. However, due to the radical nature of his newly acquired Pentecostal teaching, he was ejected from the parish (Alexander 33). He then sought out a new location to...

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...g the tumultuous times of intense racial discrimination and gender inequality makes him more relevant in history of Christianity. Currently the Pentecostal faith is still rapidly growing as its followers are still increasing in number.

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