Essay about William Scissorhands And The Chocolate Factory

Essay about William Scissorhands And The Chocolate Factory

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Lost in Plain Sight
In life people tend to want to fit in; however, this can lead to unhappiness if people are not accepted for how they desired to be. Tim Burton is one example of many. Just like Burton, each of his characters are a misfit too. For an example, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Wonka is not like the average child, he is very unique and different. This description also describes Edward in Edward Scissorhands. Edward is very isolated from the rest of society, but just like everyone else should be, Edward is accepted for who he is. Tim Burton uses long shots and lighting to convey that no one person should change their personality or appearance to meet society’s standards.
In each film, Burton uses long shots to show how isolated Edward and Wonka are from society. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when all the winners of the golden tickets are standing in front of the factory there is a long shot being shown. The long shot conveys how Willy Wonka is desolated from everybody else. Although Wonka already feels as an outcast, this just makes him seem even more isolated. Even though the guests didn’t know about Wonka’s past and why he started his business, they eventually find out from his flashbacks. In Wonka’s flashbacks he was reminded of his father and how he was never allowed to eat candy like other children. Therefore, Willy pursued to develop a business in creating new and fascinating candy. Just like Wonka, Edward has a very unique talent too, topiaries. When Peg, a beauty salesperson, arrives at the mansion she is breath taken when she discovers Edward’s magnificent topiaries. While Peg walks into the mansion there is a long shot being shown. The effect of this long shot makes Peg and the ...

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...idence in himself, just like Peg did for Edward. She showed Edward that being different form everyone else is a good thing. Both of these characters eventually end up being successful and happy for being who they are and not changing anything about themselves for anybody.
Tim Burton’s use of longs shots and lighting/color in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands does not only show how successful both Edward and Wonka have become, but how happy they are. Both of them only needed a little help along the way. Just like Wonka and Edward, Burton has many more characters just like them. Even Burton is like them, he realized that no one should change to meet society’s standards and in the end there will be happiness. Overall, the whole concept of Tim Burton is imagination and being an outcast, because being an outcast is just a normal as anybody else.

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