William Penn´s Treaties and Acquired Land in the New World Essay

William Penn´s Treaties and Acquired Land in the New World Essay

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The policy of William Penn with the indians compared to the English settlers and the Spanish, French, and Dutch is quite different. This includes considering the certain agreements and ways they came to the New World to maintain land along with how it possibly changed the “New World”, now known as America, for the worst.
A short background of how all of this even happened was due to King Charles II of England owing money to William Penn’s father because of a large loan he had with him. He gave it to William Penn because his father had already passed. He granted Penn a quite large piece of land west and south of New Jersey.The date of this offer was made on March 4, 1681. William Penn named the area Sylvania, which was Latin for woods. King Charles II then changed the name of the land to Pennsylvania in honor of William’s father. Penn being a quaker, had many ideas of making that land a place where anyone could come to worship their god freely. Being free to worship how they want, the English, Dutch, Welsh, German, French Protestants, Mennonites, Amish, Lutherans (from Catholic German states), and Dutch Quakers decided to head to that colony. Pennsylvania was confirmed to be William Penn’s land on January 5, 1681 and once that happened he started to sell the land, causing people to emigrate to his land. With Pennsylvania being about forty thousand square miles, he sold parts of the land for forty shillings per one hundred acres and one hundred pounds for five thousand acres.
Before this settlement by the Europeans, Indian tribes lived on the land now known as Pennsylvania. Some Indian tribes included Erie, Huron, Honniasont, Iroquois, Leni Lanape, Shawnee, and Susquehannock. Penn was informed of the Indians that lived on the land...

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...ng allowed. They called this the “Black Legend”. After this happened they then resulted in bringing “slaves” from Africa to increase agricultural labor. For the French, after many attempts at claiming land, they finally claimed St. Lawrence River Way and Mississippi River Valley. For the Dutch, Captain Henry Hudson; who works for the Dutch trading company; founded the Hudson River which also led the English, French, Spanish, and Dutch to the New World. Hudson established the foundation for the Dutch colonization in North America.
Ultimately, William Penn came in to the New World with a friendly well thought out plan and succeeded without breaking any treaties or losing allies. As we can see with the Europeans, they all tried to use force and have a dirty fight for the land they wanted. This resulted in people turning against them and making them look bad in the end.

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