Essay on William Penn 's A Charter Of Privileges

Essay on William Penn 's A Charter Of Privileges

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In "A Charter of Privileges, “William Penn, the Governor, was writing a firsthand account about how he wanted his state to be governed. His purpose was to give the people a doctrine that they could look up to and realize what rights they had and what rules were in place. Penn allowed the citizens to worship without fear of religious persecution. He writes that the people shall.. [not] be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious worship place or ministry" (1). Penn talked about property rights, the process of forming an Assembly, how to appoint vacancies, and the rights of criminals. Penn makes it clear that nothing can change the Charter unless the Governor gives his consent. The document showed me how Britain still had power over the colonists, as it was King Charles I that had appointed Penn to his position. It relates to the other articles because it shows the colonists’ early attempts to create a stable and functional society.
In “An Account of the Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa, the author is trying to show how harsh and brutal slavery was in the 18th century. He does this by showing the awful conditions on the transports ships, the savagery of their masters, and the spread of disease on the ships. In an effort to show the terrible conditions of the ships, the author writes,” The fresh air being thus excluded, the Negroes ' rooms soon grow intolerable hot. The confined air, …soon produces fevers and fluxes which generally carries off great numbers of them” (2). The author is directing his document to the general public, as slavery was rampant at this time. He wants to show people that slavery is wrong and inhumane. He writes about how inhumanely the African Americans were selected by the Europeans in order to beco...

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...antation slaves were known to ignore the white owners, whereas the creoles had a much better relationship with them. He then goes on to mention how black slaves and white women would sometimes engage in sexual intercourse and their babies would be required to serve the mother’s father until he or she turned 31. This was around the time where the number of free black men started to decline, as well. This was similar to the previous reading, as wheat was in very high demand (after tobacco declined) by the American people, just as bread was to the people of New Amsterdam. This high demand for wheat also required the use of highly skilled slaves as a result. In conclusion, the author is arguing that slave society varied, depending on the time and place that it happened. He directs us all to view the subject as having a complex and dynamic nature, and not a narrowed focus.

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