Essay on William Paley 's View On The Existence Of God

Essay on William Paley 's View On The Existence Of God

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William Paley presents a comparison between a stone and a watch to prove his remarks and beliefs concerning the existence of God. He introduces a scenario of himself walking on the beach and bumping into a stone then reflecting verses a scenario of stumbling upon a watch. Starting in Chapter One, Paley explains multiple arguments towards the examination of the watch while the stone would be neglected and believed to have preexisted. He says; “ ignorance of this kind exalts our opinion of the unseen and unknown artists’s skiff, if he be unseen and unknown, but raises no doubt in our minds of the existence and agency of such an artist” (I. Page 2 of 7, Excerpts from William Paley). Paley clarifies that one can believe in the unknown and the unknown doesn 't mean it does not exist. One who experiences the beach incident would examine the creation of the watch because of its different nature. Proceeding that, Paley introduces his second argument that constructs upon believing in the design of the watch. The stone’s design is not of much interest as that of the watch. Since there exists a design, there must be a designer for that matter. Thirdly, the purpose of some parts of the watch might remain unknown; however, the more complex the parts are, the more likely that one would believe in a designer. Since the stone is still and simple, one would ignore the creation in comparison to that of the watch. In addition to all, the completion of the material provokes the thoughts of the designer’s existence. On the other hand, the last three arguments presented summarise in the purpose of believing in a watchmaker. If one does not believe, he will remain unanswered, filled with void, shocked and scared of the unknown. The meaning of the watch ...

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...agraph, some contrary arguments have been raised through the context itself; however, the strongest and most convincing argument of all is the infinity of existence. Surprisingly, I have recently reached the realisation of the infinite creation before reading anything about it. Upon considering that thinking of the creator of the creator, I have compared the case to the Chicken-Egg Phenomenon. In addition, I reached to the conclusion that whatever has a macro, also has a micro. Thus, if one should think of what is bigger than God, one should consider what is smaller than the smallest unit or matter in life, that is a quark. Similar to the faith scientists had in atoms being the smallest unit a while ago, scientists believe that a quark is nowadays. Who knows if tomorrow the smallest unit will have a smaller one. In conclusion the infinity exists in both dimensions.

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