William Harvey and Robert Boyle Give the Knowledge of Science and Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

William Harvey and Robert Boyle Give the Knowledge of Science and Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

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Research Paper: Scientific revelation and Enlightenment
The Scientific revolution and enlightenment were the most important time periods of all. The scientific revolution began in Europe towards the end of the renaissance era until the late 18th century it's also when all the developments n mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and physics which changed the way we look at society and nature. The scientific revolution had introduced many things that we couldn't really comprehend. For example, The human body, atoms, cells, technology, and other fantastic things that made us what we are now. The scientific revolution also influenced the intellectual social movement that is known as the enlightenment. The enlightenment had a great impact on people. It changed the way people lived as political and social. It also made people think about some things that they would have never thought of. It gave many scholars questions about the works of government and society. While attempting to explain the purpose of government and how it is suppose to work. It made many scholars reject traditional ideas. the enlightenment movement had changed many things in people and society. At the time there were many scientists but 2 of them really stood out. They had become really important historical figures for their doings. They had discovered really important things. Without them we probably wouldn't have the knowledge in science we have today. These scientist are William Harvey and Robert Boyle. These two scientists are really important to the scientific revolution and enlightenment period. These two figures had really great impact on society then and now, because without William Harvey we wouldn't know how blood circulated around the...

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...hanged the world as well as changing the way we view things.
William Harvey and Robert Boyle are both great scientists. Both discovered and achieved many great and important things, but William Harvey stood out more and had a greater impact on the world back then and now. his discovery had helped with medical treatments. He made us understand something that is used in everything in the medical field. Robert Boyle had a really good and important discovery as well, but Harvey's achievements and discoveries were more important. Harvey's discovery helped with many issues that humans ran in to. solved many issues that we couldn't solve before and we needed to solve. Harvey had made up his own law, It helped many scientists and it made things easier as well as giving them the key to weighing gas. Both scientists had a great impact but Harvey had a greater impact.

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