William Frost 's The Road Not Taken And I 'm Nobody ! Who Are You? Essay

William Frost 's The Road Not Taken And I 'm Nobody ! Who Are You? Essay

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Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost both think that individuality is very important to a person equally like Ralph Emerson. Although they may have a lot in common these poets are different in many ways. Both Frost and Dickinson were American poets and were both from New England. A big similarity between Frost and Dickinson both talk about death. Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost both talk about the power of nature in their poetry. Frost and Dickinson have a reasonable evidence on why human beings should live life to their own agenda but, what if that person cannot stop living somebody else dreams? How can these poems help people break away for society and become a strong confidence individual person?
Dickinson and Frost both show an example of imagery in “The Road Not Taken” and “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” In Dickinson poem, “I’m nobody! Who are you?” she is showing a muddy, swampy and noisy image. When she says “To admiring Bog (line 8).” A bog is a spongy are with decayed composed. Also, a bog cannot be admiring because it’s a none human thing therefore, it cannot show emotion. The visual she is showing with this quote shows a hideous and depressing side of nature. On the contrary, Frost is the complete opposite of Dickinson in those two poems. His imagery in ‘’The Road Not Taken’’ is a positive view on nature. While reading this poem, he gives a great description of an autumn vibe. Immediately after reading this we can get a glimpse of a person walking down and see two yellow path with trees and leaves coming down on the ground. He wants the reader to see nature in a beautiful way and not take the small things like trees and leaves for granted.
In these poems the authors make a bold statement or display punctuation th...

... middle of paper ...

...hey decided something the mind starts thinking about it and wonder if taken the different route, would have been the same results?
While reading Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost poetry, the reader can see a great deal of similarity between the two. In the poems from Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost the audience can see that poetry was their outlet of what was happening to them in real life. For example, Emily Dickinson who suffered from depression most of her life and Robert Frost who had lost him daughter named, Elinor Bettina, dies within days of her birth. They found their way of escaping through poetry. If they haven’t, many of people would not have the opportunity to be inspire by their work. They turned something tragic into something beautiful. They used their live experiences to create something that will be cherished for long after they passed.

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