William Dockendorf Is An Enthusiast Essay

William Dockendorf Is An Enthusiast Essay

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William Dockendorf is an enthusiast in the computer and logical activities. He considers himself as an individual who likes to challenge himself by new and advanced learning methods. His main interests involve around Mathematics, computer programming and video games. He spends most of his time engaging in computer related tasks with great attention to technical detail. Meanwhile, William makes time to challenge himself by solving puzzles and reading advanced books whenever possible as he is driven to keep his reading and writing skills up. William grew into this self-determined, hardworking and intellectual person, because he has been challenged by his teachers, been in a constant improvement with balancing his physical health along with studies and he has had gone through variety of program of skill improvement.
William has been challenged by his teachers. Once he became one of the slowest readers in his class. His teachers informed his parents about it, and at this point he challenged himself to improve his reading skills by spending a certain amount of time each night trying to read. Jimmy Even from the very beginning, William had some interest to approach things around. He enjoyed reading his fist books, The Bernstein Bears and the books written by Dr. Seuss. He was thrilled by Dr. Seuss’s imagery, and his rhyming writing style. But he has difficulty with new words and pronunciation. He kept turning them over and over again as he was thrilled by their contents, and used to learn new words from his father each day, to go through words. Jimmy Baca was thrilled with the contents, of ‘450 Years of Chicano History in Pictures’ book. Earlier his teachers punished him for not knowing lessons. Illiteracy lead him to dark pain in one...

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... and determined to see through it. Finding determination in literacy gave a meaning to improve his intellectual and arithmetic skills. Literacy opens the doors to argumentation, and by being in the constant learning it opens the path to personal transformation, like Baca transformed to a huge voice of the marginalized crowd, and Sam experienced everything around him through picture cards. Knoblauch explains, literacy through language expresses the power of individual imagination, so that nurturing a person’s reading and writing abilities enable the development of that power, as William did.
Thus, William became a self-determined, hardworking and intellectual person, because he has been challenged by his teachers, been in a constant improvement with balancing his physical health along with studies and he has had gone through variety of programs of skill improvement.

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