William Bradford And Jonathan Edwards : Comparing And Contrasting Essay

William Bradford And Jonathan Edwards : Comparing And Contrasting Essay

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Justin Mason
English III Honors
Mrs. Wood
October 9, 2014
William Bradford and Jonathan Edwards: Comparing and Contrasting
“Religion is the backbone of evolution.” Without the cultural differences and belief systems we would not have a regulated religious base. It is evident some religions can be both alike but yet still very different. The historical William Bradford and Jonathan Edwards demonstrate this theory. William Bradford portrays more leniencies while allowing for more religious tolerance within the puritan community. With some contrasting beliefs but familiar goals, Jonathan Edwards, pursued a stricter religious background. Both of these author’s play an important role in sculpting the puritan way of life.
William Bradford serves as a vital importance to the puritan way of living. Bradford held the title of governor of the Plymouth Colony Settlement, leading for thirty years strong. From helping adopt it’s legal code, to regulating a community based off of private subsistence agriculture, as well as religious tolerance, he was very successful in his tributes. Bradford’s history was singular in its tendency to separate religious from secular concerns. Under his guidance Plymouth never became a Bible commonwealth like its larger and more influential neighbor, the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Relatively tolerant of dissent, the Plymouth settlers did not restrict the franchise or other civic privileges to church members. Without Bradford the Plymouth Colony Settlement would not have had the same succession rate and beliefs. His leadership capabilities and intellectual wisdom caused for a thriving community.
Leading the church as a Christian Preacher, long appreciated philosopher, and theologian, Edwards contributed each o...

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...ll living in today. William Bradford was a natural born leader and assisted to better his colony in the best of his ability. He was very successful in his trials of teaching and learning as well. Jonathan Edwards was also authentically well in his purposes. From preaching impacting sermons regularly, to being recognized as one of the most prominent philosophers of all time, Edward’s left behind some very big shoes to fill. Bradford, leading his colony as governor in a more lenient matter, and Edward’s, was the stricter of the two. Their differences is what made them both so unique as authors, because their writing skills helped connect with their beliefs.

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