William Blake 's The Romantic Era Essay

William Blake 's The Romantic Era Essay

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During the Romantic Era, William Blake demonstrated a unique way of viewing the world, that was easily separated from the normal way of thinking. His poetry along with the ideas he expressed have influenced a countless number of individuals to see the world as it truly is: beautiful yet corrupted by oppression. William Blake lived his life in poverty, finding his only comfort within the confines of his work; therefore, there is no doubt that his poetry reflected his life and ideals. Through his childhood, obsession with art, and the the various writers he came in contact with influencing him, William Blake conveyed his questioning attitude within the many stanzas he wrote.
To begin with, in Blake’s childhood, he demonstrated an immense amount of love for art and literature, and became accustomed to seeing things out of the ordinary. William Blake was born on November 28, 1757, in the city of London (Eaves). Unfortunately, death of young children was not uncommon in the eighteenth century. William Blake experienced this particular trauma early in life, when two of his six siblings died at young ages (Eaves). An unusual occurrence in his childhood was that William Blake started to see things that were not normal. “When he was about nine, he told his parents he had seen ‘a tree filled with angels’ on one of his walks” (Eaves). In addition to this visionary occurrence, Blake reported to have other visions throughout his life, all of which included an angel or spirit of some sort. To illustrate, when his brother died, Blake reported that he saw his brother’s spirit leave the body joyously (Eaves). Moreover, the fact that William Blake reported that his brother’s spirit left him “joyously” indicates that Blake, at this time, did not v...

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...he author sees on the faces of those he passes on the street. To begin with, the first thing Blake comments on is the woe and despair he witnesses (“London”). Neighboring his sight, Blake uses his auscultation ability and hears the cries and fears of those who are being taken advantage of. He hears the helplessness of the soldiers, generated by the Monarchs. The fourth stanza delivers the darkness through nighttime and with it, the sickness possessed by the Harlots, which associates with the outbreak of gonorrhea at the time (“London”). Finally, William Blake notices the infants of the sickened Harlots and takes notice that their lives will be more difficult due to the circumstances concerning the Harlots. The final two words “Marriage hearse” bring a fitting end to the solemn poem, bringing a balance between love and death in order to produce destruction (“London”).

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